Tac Light by Bell + Howell REVIEW

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What is Tac Light

It is a military grade tactical flashlight that promises to keep you safe in difficult situations. Tac Light claims that it is a high performance flashlight that is 22 times brighter than your regular flashlights. It is being used by military, law enforcement and fire rescue departments, and now you can use it to your advantage too. But is it really helpful? We hope to know more from your Tac Light reviews.



Tac Light Features

Protects from unforeseen circumstances – Whether you want to stay safe when you are out camping or to stun attackers and intruders, Bell + Howell Tac Light maintains that it can do the trick. In fact it is so powerful that it can be seen from 2 nautical miles away. Now that seems like a far-fetched claim that has be confirmed by Tac Light reviews.

Lightweight but sturdy – Bell + Howell Tac Light stresses that it’s lightweight and compact to be taken in your purse. But it’s built to last in frozen or boiling water, ice etc and comes with lifetime guarantee. Tac Light reviews can tell us about its quality.


Tac Light Review

David Jones mentions in his review – “After using the Tac Light flashlight at work for only one week the casing that holds the batteries literally fell apart.”

Our Verdict – Maybe Jones works for some other “As Seen On TV” company which competes with Bell and Howell Tactical Flashlight, and wants to defame Bell Howell Tactical Flashlight.


Bell + Howell Tac Light Questions and Answers

Q. How many lumens is the Tac Light?
A. The Tac Light is 800-1000 Lumens.
Q. What is the effective range of Tac Light?
A. The official website: Trytaclight.ca does not mention anything about the range of Tac Light mainly because it is not a feature to boast about, the range of such tactical flashlights does not exceed 100 meters.

Q. Which one should I buy Atomic Beam or Bell + Howell Tac Light Tactical Flashlight?
A. Bell + Howell Tac Light Tactical Flashlight at-least it comes from a Brand unlike Telebrands.

Q. Should I buy Bell Howell Tac Light?
A. You might first want to check all the similar tactical flashlights on Amazon.com which are tried and tested and have got some reviews and ratings. Bel Howell Tac Light is not the only tactical flashlight in the market there are tons of such tactical flashlights available everywhere especially Amazon.com. checkout those first and read the 2/3 star reviews to get a fair idea about how good they are.

Q. Does using a 18650 rechargeable battery affect the brightness as compared to 3 (AAA)?
A. The brightness of the flashlight depends on the battery capacity and quality of the battery. It doesn’t matter which kind of battery you are using.

Q. Is Tac Light flashlight available with different colors?
A. The Bell + Howell Tac Light flashlight is black only and the light color is white.

Q. What size battery goes to Bell + Howell Tac Light?
A. Three AAA batteries or one 18650 fit.

Q. Does the Bell + Howell Tac Light float?
A. The Bell + Howell Tac Light flashlight does not have a float function.

Q. How does it compare to the Atomic Beam?
A. Atomic Beam is crap and Tac Light is one degree above it. Buy a Reputed/Branded tried and tested Tactical Flashlight.

Q. Does the Bell + Howell Tac Light offer come with 2 flashlights?
A. Yes it comes with 2 units.

Q. Is everything shown in the infomercial TRUE? I mean boiling, crush-proof
A. Nope. That is just a marketing bluff, try it yourself and let us know the results.

Q.”Visible from 2 nautical miles” is this a great feature?
A. Nothing special – Any flashlight is visible from that distance.

Q. What is the warranty on Bell Howell Tac Light
A. There is NO WARRANTY. Other branded tactical flashlights come with 1 year or more warranty.


What do I get?
Buy 2 Bell + Howell Tac Light for $29.99 USD + free shipping at the Official website TryTacLight.ca


Compare Bell Howell Tac Light with Atomic Beam and Shadowhawk

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