Tac Light Tough Lantern by Bell + Howell REVIEW

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What is Tac-light Tough Lantern? It claims to be a collapsible lantern that burns bright. It is weather resistant and compact in size. Tac-light Tough Lantern claims to be an innovative lantern that burns twice as bright as an ordinary lantern. It can be seen from 2 nautical miles. The secret asserts is the Bell + Howell COB LEDs that are efficient than regular LEDs. Although there are no Tac-light Tough Lantern reviews available that will substantiate with its claims.



Bell + Howell Tac-light Tough Lantern Features

Powerful Design – Tac-light Tough Lantern guarantees to last for years with its water and heat resistant body. In fact it can withstand extreme temperatures with its military grade exterior. More shall be revealed with Tac-light Tough Lantern reviews. Tac-light Tough Lantern states to be completely collapsible design that is smaller than a smartphone size and weighs less than a pound. Tac-light Tough Lantern maintains to have a flexible design that stays on ground or can be hung up. Send us your reviews.


Bell + Howell Tac-light Tough Lantern REVIEW

Disadvantages of Bell + Howell Tac-light Tough Lantern

Mark Halsey who used Bell + Howell Tac-light Tough Lantern says in his review – “Bell + Howell Tac-light Tough Lantern houses LED lights which come with the problem of annoying brightness. Looking at them causes dark spots and can strain the eye. There isn’t a dimmer provided to tone its brightness down.”

Another Bell + Howell Tac-light Tough Lantern user William Goodman reveals in his review, “The bottom of Bell + Howell Tac-light Tough Lantern is not weather proof. It in fact starts to rust when used in damp conditions.”

Mandy Michelle who tried Bell + Howell Tac-light Tough Lantern complains in her review, “It is way too small. Plus it doesn’t have the brightness capacity it claims to bear. Plus the body of Bell + Howell Tac-light Tough Lantern very flimsy because of which it is unsuitable for outdoor camping.”

Fred Hawkins who bought Bell + Howell Tac-light Tough Lantern writes in his review, “It looks pretty simple in the infomercial. On the downside, the popping out mechanism isn’t really simply. You cannot simply use Bell + Howell Tac-light Tough Lantern by the handle with ease. The moment you flip it in handle mode it pops out and activates itself even if not needed.”

Bell + Howell Tac-light Tough Lantern user – Carolyn Morgan – reviewed the lantern as, “Bell + Howell Tac-light Tough Lantern is completely opposite of the claims it makes. It isn’t weather resistant nor is suitable for prolonged outdoor use. When taken out often it may cause the battery to rust and render it useless.”

Julie Charles who used Bell + Howell Tac-light Tough Lantern states in her review, “It is not an alternative to true camping light. The light throw is minimal and can be irritating due to absence of on/off button. Plus bright LED light can be unpleasant to look at directly due to its harsh nature. It drains faster and need replacement batteries way too often. Such replacements can be costlier than the actual price of the lantern itself.”

Glen Robinson reveals in his review, “The website to purchase Bell + Howell Tac-light Tough Lantern is troublesome and puts you through numerous scans, troubles, other infomercial products, shipping and handling costs, misleading offers, back orders and more. There is no way to order just one. You end up spending for 2 lanterns at 30 $ even if you don’t want an extra one. Plus there is no warranty associated with Bell + Howell Tac-light Tough Lantern, which when compared to other branded LED lanterns is a regular thing.”


Advantages of Bell + Howell Tac-light Tough Lantern

Henry Cohen states in his review, “The Bell + Howell Tac-light Tough Lantern acts as a decent backup for power outages. It works nicely for indoor use in such emergency situations.”

Gerald Wagner who took Bell + Howell Tac-light Tough Lantern out for camping mentions in his review, “This Bell + Howell Tac-light Tough Lantern is great for getting a decent light inside a tent. It helps in looking for things without burning way too bright.”

Ashley Ervin who purchased Bell + Howell Tac-light Tough Lantern praises it in the review saying, “You can hang Bell + Howell Tac-light Tough Lantern in tents with ease. It is also a great source of light especially when you are walking around at night and need to see the road up ahead.”


What do I get?
Price: 2 Tac-light Tough Lanterns for $19.99 at the Official website: ToughLantern.com | Tac-lightLantern.com

15 thoughts on “Tac Light Tough Lantern by Bell + Howell REVIEW

    • I ordered the lanterns at least a month ago. I received no conformation for my order. How much longer will it take before ir ships

  1. I ordered my tac light latern on November 11, 2016. Now I find out that it is on back order but I can’t get anyone to tell me how much longer it will be. Please help.

  2. Ordered this product for a Christmas gift, in plenty of time for delivery based on the site information that said to allow 2-3 weeks for delivery. Received email on 12/3 indicating that my order had bee processed and re-iterating the 2-3 week delivery. Checked site today for status & the have changed shipping description to indicate they will ship within 30 days and that the item is not available. They are still soliciting orders for the product. I called Customer Service & each time I would hear the call being answered, hear hold music, then get a message that “all circuits are busy” as if my call didn’t go through, then I would be disconnected. After about 30 minutes of constant calling I reached a customer service rep who agreed to cancel my order. She said she would send an email confirming the cancellation. I asked to hold until I received the email. I did receive an email which stated the status of my order was cancelled & also stated that the oCrder had been shipped today, 12/8. I could buy the product in local stores, but based on the complaints I’ve seen on line about the quality, I will not be doing that. Clearly not a company I do not want to do business with!

  3. Appears I have same problem as others, waiting on product and trying to talk to someone about order status. Ordered in plenty of time so I could have for Christmas gifts. Off to plan B now. Not a good way to build a customer base. Come on people get your act together or I will spend my money with a reliable company.

  4. I bought 6 of these lights and they got here on the 16th of December. They are Cheap plastic junk to the point I would not keep them or give them as a gift. The TV add is a total lie and a FRAUD!!!!!! Do Not Buy This Junk!!!!!!!!

  5. My complaint is similar to everyone else. I placed my original order November 6th. Add states please allow 2 to 3 weeks for delivery. After a month had gone by I made my first phone call to customer service. I was told the product was on back order and I would receive the product December 16. December 16 has come and gone and still no delivery. I made my second phone call at this time and got the same story line as before. Now they say they won’t be receiving an order for another 2 weeks and it will take another 7 to 10 days to get to me. So now we are talking sometime in January for an order placed Nov, 6th. After reading the terrible reviews I am going to cancel my order and research another lantern to purchase.

  6. I have run into the same problem as everyone else. Placed the order December 12. Order was accepted. When checked on status, says temporarily out of stock. To be fair they have not charged me yet, but I wonder how long I will have to wait for this product.

  7. Heat resistant! BS! Maybe 90 degrees, plastic junk. I bought 2, the first one came on one time. Took it apart to see what happened. The solder was the size of a pissed ants brain! Yep, it didn’t hold. Second one works. Better not let your children play with them. They won’t last long. As for ordering them, you pay for them, then they ants you if you want to upgrade to a brighter light. Another pile of China crap! Don’t buy these!

  8. i would not buy any product made buy this company. light was a cheap chinese trinket, not reaaly an actual light. the one time i need it to work, it fails me. total crap like their customer service. i feel scammed

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