ProRay Tactical Flashlight REVIEW

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What is ProRay Tactical Flashlight – It claims to be a high-quality flashlight with a powerful lamp and telescoping focus. It comes with preset modes and has 50,000 hours of lamp life. ProRay Tactical Flashlight claims to be the same light used by military, firefighters and police for achieving a brilliant emergency lighting.



ProRay Tactical Flashlight CLAIMS

Professional flashlight – It is designed to be perfect for walking in the dark, roadside emergency, and camping. Such farfetched claims by ProRay Tactical Flashlight will be substantiated once it has been reviewed.

Solid Construction – ProRay Tactical Flashlight assures that it will last any stress, strain and weather. ProRay Tactical Flashlight promises to be made from high quality aluminum material that functions even under stress and water submersion. Further details about its claim will be revealed with ProRay Tactical Flashlight review. ProRay Tactical Flashlight alleges to have a telescoping focus for better light guidance. Its 5 preset modes include bright, strobe and S.O.S pattern. This flashlight assures that its powerful lamp lasts for up to 50,000 hours. At this point of time there are no ProRay Tactical Flashlight reviews available that will attest to its claims.


ProRay Tactical Flashlight Questions and Answers

Question: Is it waterproof? And where is it made in? Where is ProRay Tactical Flashlight made? Is it waterproof?
Answer: ProRay Tactical Flashlight is probably made in China. It is water-resistant not waterproof.

Question: Does ProRay Tactical Flashlight work with cr123 batteries?
Answer: It only uses AAA

Question: What are its dimensions?
Answer: No detail available

Question: Does this flashlight include a red beam?
Answer: No

Question: Do you need to cycle through ProRay Tactical Flashlight modes to turn it off?
Answer: Yes

Question: Can it flash blue and red colors?
Answer: No, it projects only white light.

Question: Do all modes on ProRay Tactical Flashlight have different switch?
Answer: No, it has only a single switch.

Questions: ProRay Tactical Flashlight is really good?
Answer: There are hosts of tried and tested tactical flashlights on Amazon which maybe better than it.


ProRay Tactical Flashlight REVIEW

Here area few excerpts from user reviews:
“ProRay Tactical Flashlight’s single mode switch is off putting and needs to be clicked several times to cycle through options.”

“ProRay Tactical Flashlight is just like any other flashlight. It works decent but the down side is the plastic lens instead of a glass that is placed in its smaller version.”

“A good backup light. It’s a decent light not as bright as I hoped it to be. My complaint is that similarly priced streamlights provide better output and have a little sturdy construction than this one. But we you get what you pay for.”

“ProRay Tactical Flashlight is not as bright as the advertisement shows. Even with newer batteries the brightness is not very disappointing.”

“The strobe light is disorienting as well. I would not recommend for anyone looking for a super-bright light.”

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