The Plan 4 Life

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What is The Plan 4 Life –

It is a fitness program that is unlike any other and is targeted towards people moving towards or in their 40’s. It helps in keeping cholesterol in check and losing body fat.


Plan a healthy body:

The Plan 4 Life is said to be a revolutionary program that helps in losing excess body fat, weight and improve the muscle mass and cholesterol. The Plan 4 Life claims to be targeted towards people who are in or above 40 years of age because right after 40 the body’s metabolism starts slowing down and reacts less than before to workouts. Keeping in mind these requirements of the body Chazz Weaver, the well-known nutrition and fitness expert created this plan rightly coined as The Plan 4 Life.

Apparently to judge how well The Plan 4 Life works, Chazz took upon eating at McDonalds for a month plan and following this wellness plan himself. Later it is said that the same program was undertaken by a group of people under Chazz for 90 days who achieved weight loss with extraordinary results.


Complete Wellness:

The supposed difference between any regular workout program and The Plan 4 Life is majorly the way it has been put up for individuals. It is more of a complete wellness system rather than a workout module. Plus the lessons that are suggested in The Plan 4 Life are said to be planned according to the day to day activities of life and does not need any extra time but a little change in lifestyle towards a healthy living. Plus, it does not give strict diet plans which may lose only water weight and not necessarily target the body fats. It is in fact said to be targeted towards providing a protection towards most health issues that take place due to negligence of health.

The Plan 4 Life is not about schedules to keep up in a gym but is claimed to be a much rounded program which ensures that there is a necessary active change in lifestyle by checking what to eat, in right proportions, beverages intake control and nutrition education. In this way The Plan 4 Life promises to provide loss of weight in a much healthier manner.


What do I get?

Get The Plan 4 Life Just for $9.99 s&h. Then 3 Easy Payments of $39.99.also includs 1}O.C. Diet Revolution” E-Book 2}”Down Size Me” DVD. Official

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