Total Fit Rowing System REVIEW

Total Fit Rowing System REVIEW

One user of the Total Fit Rowing System complains that it is not an effective workout. They increased the resistance level up to maximum but didn’t break a sweat even after 45 minutes. It only caused discomfort by sitting for too long. Another customer says that the machine has cheap construction and broke when a 30 lbs child used it, ergo it wouldn’t be fit for a 150 lbs adult.

As per another user, the calorie tracker was dysfunctional. Another reviewer called it that it flimsy and one says it has weak resistance even at highest setting. For another one the machine lost resistance after just 5-10 minutes. According to one more reviewer its resistance levels are disappointing and they could only feel some resistance when they turned it to 8 of 12 levels. One customer rues that the rower is not sturdy and they found it useless after just the first time of doing 400 reps. Another reviewer says that they are 5’1” tall and couldn’t push the basic equipment back far enough to get full resistance, hence wouldn’t recommend it to anyone under 5’4”.

A user liked the machine but couldn’t manage to tighten the tension and it would be a great equipment if the tension tightened. The numbers on the column did not correspond with the mark on the other side to indicate what number one is on. One user says that their time and distance dial didn’t work in spite of switching on. It didn’t connect with the rower and only flashed zero.


Total Fit Rowing System Questions and Answers

Q. Does the machine make loud noise while rowing?
A. No, the rollers on the seat create a low-grinding noise but not too loud.

Q. Does the rower engage the legs and provide them good workout unlike inexpensive rowers?
A. The rower does give ample workout to my legs. The faster speed that you row at, legs and arms get more exercise.

Q. What’s the user height that it is comfortable for?
A. My 5’8″ tall brother and I (4’11” height) both use it comfortably.

Q. Does it need assembling?
A. Yes, it needs assembling.

Q. How is the Resistance? Are there issues for a 6’2″ tall person?
A. The rower has satisfactory resistance. At 5’10” height, I use it without any problems.

Q. Does the display indicate the distance rowed or only counts repetition?
A. It counts the numbers of strokes.

Q. Can the rower manage varied speed and how fast can you row with it?
A. The speed is variable, allowing you to go as fast or as slow as comfortable for you.

Q. How can one adjust the tension? The rower indicates 1 to 12 but there are no marks. The numbered dial only rotates. Is one meant to just keep turning?
A. My dial didn’t rotate and it came with marks on it. The setting on 12 was extremely easy to handle.

Q. What’s the weight of the machine? Can it be lifted and moved easily?
A. The machine folds up and is easily storable and movable.

Q. Can one use the reverse grip similar to a bicep curl pull?
A. Yes, it’s possible to swing the machine both ways.

Q. Is anyone else facing knee strain? My height is 5’3″ and my legs tend to compress
A. I haven’t. It would be advisable to start at Level 1, which is the easiest tension. Increase it gradually as the legs strengthen.

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