Tri-Lite Spinners REVIEW

About Tri-Lite Spinners

Tri-Lite Spinners claims to be a spinner that provides loads of fun when people feel fidgety. Switching between lights in various combinations allegedly creates hundreds of multiple light patterns.



How does Tri-Lite Spinners work?

The simple design of Tri-Lite Spinners alleges to be easy to spin for anyone. A simple flick to Tri-Lite Spinners placed between the thumb and fingers states to kick start its spinning mechanism. The amount of flick decides how fast or slow will it spin.

Colorful light patterns – Fidgety people are guaranteed to have endless fun with the Tri-Lite Spinners that has a smart three-arm design, which illuminates and creates crazy light patterns. Each arm of the spinners is asserted to illuminate and can be flicked on and off as per the user’s desire. Such farfetched claims made by Tri-Lite Spinners will be proved once users review it.

Designed to last – The smartly designed Tri-Lite Spinners declares to be made thoughtfully so that it stays perfectly over a finger by a flick via the arm, finger, or hip. More shall be revealed once users review it. The super-bright, spinner can be bundled together over each other and spun in a bunch. Such amazing light show at various speeds does make Tri-Lite Spinners seem like worth buying; user reviews will expose the truth.


Tri-Lite Spinners REVIEW

Roy Ruiz, a Tri-Lite Spinners customer, writes in his review that it is made of bad quality and doesn’t even make a full rotation. According to his review, the lights on Tri-Lite Spinners are decent but wouldn’t do much since it doesn’t spin well.

A Tri-Lite Spinners review by Grace Barnes reveals that it dropped from her daughters hand and broke. Even though it looks pretty, the build quality isn’t that great.

As per Beulah Ellis’s review, the mid-portion of Tri-Lite Spinners dropped after a fall but did pop back on. Her review asserts that Tri-Lite Spinners doesn’t go as fast as the others available in the market. She suggests other spin enthusiasts to go for something better than this.

According to Adrian Ryan Tri-Lite Spinners is not worth its price. His review states that it doesn’t spin well and stops in about a second or so. He suspects that it is probably a cheaply made Chinese spinner. He frustratingly writes in his Tri-Lite Spinners review that it’s not even worth sending back for a refund.

Neal Hoffman’s Tri-Lite Spinners broke down within a day’s use. According to his review, the light popped out within an hour and never started to work again.

Sammy Underwood also complains in his review that Tri-Lite Spinners doesn’t spin as expected. He also exposes Tri-Lite Spinners in his review by saying that its cheap material wears off quickly and keeps getting stuck while spinning.

One other customer, Doris Jensen, criticizes the quality of Tri-Lite Spinners in her review. She said it’s made of cheap plastic and the LED lights are flimsy. A better spinner can be bought at a dollar store. Her review also discloses that Tri-Lite Spinners has short bearings that might create shorter spins. She says that such quality and design are not worth the price.


Tri-Lite Spinner Questions and Answers

Q. Is Tri-Lite Spinner worth its asking price?
A. No, there are several ones available under $5 at various ecommerce websites. For better quality, a few branded ones are available at $15. Tri-Lite Spinner just looks cheap and is not worth its asking price.

Q. What type of battery is required to light up Tri-Lite Spinner?
A. There is no information available regarding its battery type.

Q. Is the battery replaceable in the first place?
A. The information will be only available at the manufacturer’s end. Chances are users might have to buy new LEDs that go on Tri-Lite Spinner instead of buying batteries.

Q. How long can Tri-Lite Spinner spin?
A. It spins for less than half a minute on a single flick.

Q. What is the mechanism by which the light on Tri-Lite Spinner works?
A. The light is activated by motion on the spinner. A spinning or jolting motion switches it on and keeps it lit for about 20-seconds duration.


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