TRIA Age-Defying Laser

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What is TRIA Age-Defying Laser:

It is a laser treatment to fight signs of aging and can be done from the comforts of your home.


TRIA Age-Defying Laser helps you stay in control of things as you don’t have to visit dermatologists’ clinics to get the treatment done. You know signs of aging can not only take a toll on your appearance but your self-confidence as well. You might have tried several products available in the market but they don’t work like laser treatment. And TRIA Age-Defying Laser brings you the benefits within your homes so that you don’t have to spend a fortune at the clinics.


TRIA Age-Defying Laser works by building collagen in your skin

Till recently you could only get these laser treatments done at clinics. It would be a nuisance to take time out of your schedule to keep up with these appointments. However TRIA Age-Defying Laser means you can get the luminosity of your skin back without stepping out of the house, according to its claims. That’s because TRIA Age-Defying Laser is known for its penetrating laser beams that build collagen under your skin’s surface. And as a result it promises to help you have youthful looking skin within 2 weeks.


TRIA Age-Defying Laser brings you a number of benefits

If you rely on those over the counter products that claim to help you fight wrinkles, fine lines etc you spend money on something that often doesn’t work. You also end up needing different products for different issues with skin. But that’s supposedly not the case with TRIA Age-Defying Laser, which helps you get clearer and more youthful skin. At the same time TRIA Age-Defying Laser is also said to work on appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, which can become the bane of your existence.

TRIA Age-Defying Laser brings convincing results

That’s because it’s created by TRIA with a collaboration of dermatologists and plastic surgeons. TRIA Age-Defying Laser uses fractional non-ablative laser treatment that is done by professional clinics. Here targeted laser beams penetrate the surface of your skin and enhance production of collagen and elastin. Hence TRIA Age-Defying Laser claims to offer you better results than serums and creams, working on radiance of your skin too.


What do I get?

  • 1 Age-Defying Laser
  • 1 Age-Defying Skincare Deluxe Starter Kit

All this for just $495.00. Official website:

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5 thoughts on “TRIA Age-Defying Laser

  1. This might be a good product if it worked. I wish I had headed the past reviews that said it broke on them. I have used this product for 14 weeks total and not it is a $500 piece of bad investment. I’m very upset and atria customer support is terrible. I may be able to get it replaced, but I have no faith that the next one will work since there are so many bad reviews about the device breaking. I don’t want a new one I want a refund but I’m not hopeful. This is one of the worst investments I’ve ever made. Save yourself and skip this lemon.

    Rating: 1
  2. I bought my Tria about seven months ago & now it will not hold a charge anymore! I’ve heard tons of people complaining about the same problem. And now my warranty is void…I’m stuck and really have no recourse & this thing Cost me$600 dollars. Depressing!

  3. Has anyone tried the TRIA Age-Defying Laser? is it any good?

    Is it safe to use?

    Does it really reduce the appearance of fine-lines and wrinkles?

    How long before you see the results?

    Is it worth the price?

    Would you recommend this product to others?

    • Purchased one of these and it stopped working after 5 days. Customer service, via email as they have no phone customer service, promised a replacement which never arrived. Now they refuse to answer any of my emails. A real rip-off. Don’t buy it.

      Rating: 1
      • I would call – my experience with Tria – I bought the acne blue light thing a few years ago and the one I got would not charge correctly. I contacted them and they very quickly sent a replacement as well as a return label for the defective one. I find it hard to believe this company would simply ignore a defective product and not replace it.

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