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2 thoughts on “Tutty Fruity

Xanax Visas Z Les
  1. I am surprised that I am the first to review, I seen the ads recently on TV and was sceptical based on Brendan McCarthy’s facial expressions and marketing thinking I have seen and heard so many products on TV claiming to do at home what they do on TV. I even seen the Yonanas ads and reviews on the internet, where the Yonanas needs banana for everything the tutty fruity has recipes with and without banana which work out wonderfully. Nut butter is delicious and better than store bought. It even makes salsa, tzatziki, guacamole and hummus amongst other things that are seen to be believed

    Their chocolate banana ice cream can be improved on by not using coco or choco powder as per recipe, but be like me and add cacao powder (much better for you as it’s not heat treated to remove all the goodies that aren’t in cocoa or chocolate powder)

    This is a must have product just make sure your fruit is tasty and not too hard before freezing and your desserts will be delicious after some trial and error as you won’t get it right at first but you will learn how to make it to your liking and you will be in heaven

  2. My husband received one for Christmas. It didn’t work as advertised. Fruit was stuck inside and didn’t come out smoothly in spite of following instructions. Very disappointed with both product and customer service. Tried to return it before the 30 day deadline but still haven’t received any response from them.

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