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78 thoughts on “Twitch Lure Review

How To Buy Xanax Pills
      • Early in my fishing career I realized I was born a bottom feeder fisherman. That is why I love to attach Twitching lure to my pole whenever I am around water. The feeling of getting bit 10 seconds after dangling my pole is fantastic.

        I have to admit the buzzing and flashing of the Twitching lure helps attract the bottom feeders and suckers I lust to quickly put a lip lock on my pole.

        If you crave large mouth action and the spray of foamy white, this product is for you!

      • I have this 6 foot boat at soon as I received my lure. I went fishing not even 15 seconds later I took my grill onto the boat I was catching so many fish that I invited 15 of my friends on the boat and we cooked or grilled everyone of those fishes they had a been hundreds whoever invented this I/O them everything whoever don’t believe me is very stupid The only problem I have with this product I couldn’t charge it luckily I bring my phone you can plug it in with any phone into charge it up Lest in four seconds and fish all night

  1. Maybe it does/n’t work, but
    $19.98 is more than enough to cover the cost of the two lures w/postage & socalled handling, & still have a huge profit by the seller. The socalled postage & handling charge ($13.xx?) is nothing more than 100% profit extra.
    I’m ALWAYS cautious about sales gimmick saying ‘second one free. Just pay p/h.”
    These things usually made in china for few cents each bulk order, maybe a dollar each after manufacturer’s + import charges total. The AG & FTC should go after Co’s like that.

  2. Spent over an hour in a salt water bay with these lures and never got one hit. I have my doubts they are any better than any standard type lure. Fish did not come swimming to this lure. Purely someone’s fantasy.

  3. One rule: never buy the “two for one” marketing racket on tv. It’s not two for one you pay for both inside the the shipping and processing fee. Ever noticed the clock count down in the corner gimmick? They do that because research suggests that some people will order just because their is a clock on the screen.

  4. Worked almost every cast at our pond for catfish. I was very surprised and happy. Just for fun I cast it over the fence toward my neighbors house side yard — yup — caught fish even from the neighbors kid play toy pile. Then I tried casting on my roof, wow caught some roof fish almost every cast.

    • I agree with the above. This lure works almost too good. I tend to leave the lure on the fishing rod in the back of my truck when I drive to the lake. Every time I stopped, I noticed I either caught a dog fish, cat fish or rat fish while driving to the lake. Recommend you keep it locked up in your fishing box until ready to use it.

      • Twitch Lure is incredible as stated above. I opened the package which was delivered quickly and left both lures on the kitchen counter while I took a quick phone call. When I returned, my 15 year old daughter was wearing it hooked from her mouth to her ear as bling! She would not give it back. I quickly hid the 2nd lure before my wife got so she would not get hooked as well.

        • They don’t tell you everything about this lure Let me tell you my experience it was amazing I like to fish in dryland I cast my line 25 yards and what I pulled in Was amazing it was not just one it was too mermaids they have big boobs they were grinding on that learner it was a wonderful site I told them that lure is mine and they belong to me they smiled and came home with me and that’s where I ate them both.

      • All you guys are pretty damn funny. Sad to say I had just spent my Uncles life savings on a Bass boat in hopes of becoming an instant success on the Bassmaster circuit. Never occurred to me that any of those fine folks could be in the least way disingenuous. Happy to discover that they have so many other uses! – Gis

  5. Twitch Lure worked great in the fish tank at my favorite sea food restaurant. Got bit almost every drop of the lure in a 50 gallon tank. Was able to catch Koi, Lobster, Octopus, Shrimp, Scallops, Trout, Oysters and a filter hose. All but the hose were great eating.


  6. Twitch Lure is the Best lure ever! I can now catch my limit of Snipe fish wherever I fish. I often catch two fish per cast due to the dual trebel hook setup. The light is great for seeing the bottom of the lake at night in case you drop anything in the water. Found my watch in a few minutes.

    A key to lakeside fun is besure to “twitch” your pole as soon as you pull it out and the largmouth’s will head your way.

  7. My wife love’s the patented Vibrastrike technology. As soon as she turns it on, she begins to “flash, buzz, and twitch to mimic a wounded fish as others get attracted to strike it even from miles away because that’s what they are genetically programmed to do. ”

    With the usb connection to her iPhone my wife just sits for hours twitching and talking when the Twitch Lure is placed in her box.

  8. People, don’t order from companies like that, just wait until they hit the store and then buy them without paying the shipping and handling and if it doesn’t work, you can take it back to the store and get your money back. These companies are a rip-off, they sell you a bunch of crap, it takes them 3 weeks to ship it out to you so you only have one week to try it and send it back and by that time it’s too late for you to return it. It’s a racket, they sell you a whole bunch of BS, for the price of shipping and handling. Nearly $14 for shipping and handling a little lower like that, that’s ridiculous it’s a scam, it’s a big scam stay away from this item.

  9. I think one big thing nobody is talking about is how polluted our waters already are and how this lure has the potential to add to that. It has a battery in it, after all. If more and more lures become electronic, how will that affect our waters? How many regular lures are snagged on the bottom already? Now we are going to add batteries to that? That’s going to put some nasty stuff in the water. It’s bad enough that so much tackle is/was lead. Just think of how much lead is in the water from sinkers and what not.

  10. Better than Ron Popeels pocket fisherman. The price of postage left me Twitching as $19.95 for P&H felt like treble hooks were trolled up my personal fishing hole during a dry spell. In the end I was hooked and left Twitching.

  11. Was able to use the lures as body piercings. You should have seen my buddies expression when I exposed these Twitching flashing minnows hooked to my rod. I could hardly understand what they were saying as each friend samlped my buzzing bait without out getting their lips hooked.

  12. Daily at 4:20 I start getting my buzz on at the lake and for the price this is not too bad deal.

    As soon as I was hooked up with these lures, I began to vibrate and twitch.

    Sure enough in a few minnutes I was surrounded by crappie largemouths wanting to partake in this bait.

  13. As soon as I get to my favorite fishing hole, I love to pull out my pole and watch it start to Twitch as my friends gather around. I soon get bit every 10 seconds due to the feeding frenzy.

    I decided to pay for handling in arrears.

  14. Bought two swizzling blinking lures last month. First trip out flung one over the transom and in less than 10 seconds a 18 foot Great White took the bait and then bit off my 175 HP. Merc. In a quick bit of brilliance my four year old son Skippy unhooked his lure, tied it to his motorized toy boat and dropped it into the water heading South at full speed. As we backed home at full speed we observed the huge dorsil fin following the tiny speedboat. We Owe Our Lives to that second frizzling lure. Extra postage notwithstanding.

    • Yes, Twitching Lure has let me take many inches of suckers!

      Once I yank out my pole with twitching lure adorned on it, the suckers are all going for the big gulp that I so much enjoy.

      Twitching lure is one whacky large and smallmouth pressure relieving device. I often whack all day.

      If you enjoy pole whackin, then twitching lure is for you!

  15. I love to attach the Twitch lure to my pole and parade around the lake as it flashes and buzzes. Sure enough, within 10 seconds a local snapper will confront me and get hooked.

    My pole has never seen such large mouth action until I attached a twitch lure.

    • Twitch Lure completely relieved my constipation. The dual treble hooks worked wonders along with a suppository of fish oil.

      I take Twitch Lures everywhere I go in case I get bound up from a dirty pole.

      I really prefer to take the huge handling charges in arrears.

  16. Twitch lure allowed me to catch my current wife. Once see saw my pole flashing and buzzing she was hooked for life.

    After 10 seconds playing with my Twitch Lure, I am finished for the day.

  17. Twitch lure enabled me to catch:

    Abominal Snownam
    The Wood Man
    Timber Giant
    Wild Man of the Woods
    The Hairy Man
    The Stone Giant
    The Big Man
    Woods Devils
    A small squirl

    I released all but the small squirl , which I ate after taking its photo. I forgot my camera for the rest of the catches and released the catches back where they were caught.

    Twitch Lure is amazing and I will continue to smoke it each day.

  18. Wow – I caught a River Monster with the Twitch Lure! It was a Jeremy Wadefish.

    Was old and crusty with white curly hair and grunted when I pushed its stomach. While it was a interesting catch, I ended up throwing it back in because it would not shut up while sitting in the fish well. Bla, bla, bla, Arapaima this, Wells Catfish that, Gar here, Bull Shark there.

    I could not take all the non stop UKish yakking while trying to get my boat back to shore, so I threw it back in.

    Next time I am going Twitch Lure fishing for a Les Stroudfish and cook it up on new my bear gryills.

    • Excellent Idea! I too will take my new bear gryills with me to the lake and cook up some fish that I catch with my Twitch Lure.

      Last time fishing I caught a Zeb Hoganfish. Very odd it had a beard and was wearing a baseball cap. Tasted great though, once I seared it on my bear gryills and made fish & chips.

    • My charge lasts all day!

      Twitching lure always amazes my friends. As soon as I yank out my pole with the Twitching Lure attached, they all gather in a big circle around me and are stunned while I begin to manipulate it to show how it Twitches.

      Before long each one of my friends want to personally handle it for themselves which makes me very happy.

      Every time I come at my favorite fishin hole, my pole and Twitching Lure are the center of attention.

  19. Twitch Lure is fantastic!

    I have made hundreds of Julian fries, beef jerky, vegetable medley, omelets, stew and fish sticks with the Twitch Lure.

    I use it once a day and my back pain is gone. My thin gray hair grows thick & black and I no longer need to grab my rod to go pee in the middle of the night.

    I now get the closest shaves of my life with the treble hooks that last for weeks and stay sharp as I shave my scaly back.

    With the Twitch Lure, roaches check in, but don’t check out of my wife’s fishy box.

    Wearing the Twitch Kure actually exercises my legs and ankles while I walk. They no long tease me about having Kankles as they admire my rods capacity.

    The blended shakes that Twitch Lure makes are not only healthy but delicious! “Mmmm — That is great bass”

  20. Twitch Lure allowed me more hookups then ever!

    I use both lures as a genital a Prince Albert. The flashing and twitching is always a crowd pleaser at my job site. Before you know it I am in the middle of a conga line with everyone’s mouth wide open with excitement.

    Be sure to wipe it off after fishing before using it for jewelry.

    ps – tis true I always get bit in less than 10 seconds just as they advertise.

  21. If your gizz after you splurge isn’t purple than the twitching lure isn’t for you. This is a normal color. Consult a doctor if otherwise. Mine was purple and the twitching lure worked great. It naturally comes from hippos blended with humans through the air we breathe. ??

  22. Tweaking Lure works great! Keeps me awake during boring fishing trips. If I get tired, I just smoke up some Tweaking Lures and wow I start twitching and buzzing.

    “Tweaking Lure keeps me going when the fishin is slowin.”

    I love to handle my rod once I am charged up by the USB port.

    Tweaking Lure is best thing since worm snorting.

  23. First I would like to correct this web site — the product is called Twitching lure not Twitch lure.

    As this is the foremost and most accurate site about the Twitching lure on the net, I just wanted to make sure everything is 100% accurate on the user reviews.

    I have been a fan of this electronic lure for years, well before USB port, back when it was a parallel port connection, before it was a RS-232 serial connection, back when it was vacuum tube connection.

    I want to thank all the loyal Twitching lure fans below for their accurate reviews of this fantastic fishing lure and encourage everyone to post their experiences.

  24. When I see the sharks on shark tank biting the twitching lure then I might buy it. Everyone knows the sharks are out to to bite bait fish. Maybe they can even get rid of the extra bait of buy one get one just pay separate s/h charges. Let shark tank review it!!!!!!!!

  25. I love how thick and huge each one is. I also am enticed how low the steel hangs and swings slowly as it is enthusiastically pumped. As soon as it begins to twitch and flash, my mouth is wide open in anticipation of catching a bursting stream.

  26. Twitching Lure never fails to get me up if I am down. With Twitching lure hanging off my rod all the bottom feeders in the area quickly take notice and open their suckers for a big gulp.

    The action keeps me up all day as each sucker takes their turn showing me their largemouth bottom feeding technique.

    I recommend you attaching the Twithcing lure to your pole if you crave white water action.

  27. Bay Area Fishing

    I love to use Twitching Lure in the mud bogs in the Bay Area. My rod had become crusty with dried up material from previous large mouth excursions until I started to use Twitching lure.

    Now my muddy rod is clean as cucumber as Bay Area suckers fight with each other to inhale and swallow my twitching member.

    If you enjoy a sloppy good time with like minded suckers, I recommend yanking out your pole with a Twitching lure dangling from it.

  28. I wear Twitching Lure to work every day. It is he best smelling toilet water I have ever worn. It attracts both round eyes and sly cats to me. They all want to bite and suck on me all day long till I have lost my charge. I hope to hook a Kingfish some day soon, which I will mount in my bedroom.

    Krustaysha Yum Yum

  29. Dead on arrival! No red charging light came on after trying 2 different chargers ( one just charged cellphone). No activation in water. Warranty is a joke- you pack & pay postage & send $7.99 check or money order!! Basically the price of the lure to get a replacement. RIP OFF!!

  30. I love to use the twitching lure when my best buddies want to try out my pole. Sometimes they take turns, other times we all just start to paddle and stroke until we are covered with a group eruption of my favorite foamy white fishing chum.

    Twitching lure never fails to attrack bottom feeders and butt nibbles.

  31. When I arrive at a new fishin hole, I yank out my rod, attach my Twitching .lure and parade around the lake while it twitches and flashes. In no time at all, I will have attracted a school of wide mouth bottom feeders.

    The Twitching lure hanging from my exposed pole quickly creates a feeding frenzy that ends with white water spray on the suckers.

    For a gay time always reach for your pole and a twitching lure if you want to get bitten.

  32. Tried The Merimbula Warf NSW Australia the twitching lure did not work in the ocean no flashing light no buzzing only twiched on relreaving however put it in a sink of fresh water and it works really well exept you can not catch fish in the sink Absolutley useless.

  33. I pluged mine into my phone sat on back boat big fish jumped up took my phone left the lure behind i figured he wanted to call them tell them shit isnt invented by fishing mongers you lot are worse than the morons selling it simply you all buy it and waisted you money i wanted to say suckers your all as dumb as the idiots who invented it good old china they are all gay so they invented shit for you morons to waist money on you all deserve to loose your cash because your simply dumb enough to believe shit you see on tv congratts your just bad as the seller i say suck shit to you all

  34. Just got hooked on a Twitching Lure.

    My buddy and I were at the lake just jacking around one day, when he turned to me and released his beefy pole with a Twitching Lure dangling from it.

    My jaw just dropped as it glittered and twitched in the sun light. He asked me to play with it while it was still fully charged. Being a nice sucker, I did just that until we both exploded with an eruption of good times.

    Sure enough we were both hooked on this type of large mouth trolling. We plan on going to Broke Back mountain to fish for more like minded suckers.

  35. Every time I go the lake I pull out my rod and hook the twitching lure to it. Then I parade around the lake until I am surrounded by like minded large mouth suckers. Then the foamy white water adventure begins with the largemouths.

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