VChic E-Cigarette

What is VChic E-Cigarette?

It is a smoke-free e-cigarette that uses electronic vapor cartridges and releases nicotine vapor which tastes and feels like a tobacco cigarette.


V-Chich E-Cigarette Features and Benefits

Same taste, and yet healthy and desirable!
VChic E-Cigarette aims to be the perfect solution for those who face problems due to the constant urge to smoke. It claims to be the perfect smoke-free e-cigarette that has an edge over others in terms of the technology used, experience and beneficial effects on health. This e-cigarette releases nicotine vapor which supposedly tastes and feels like a regular cigarette that one is hooked to, but does not use actual nicotine. It uses high quality ingredients, so it seems a healthy choice. It can be used as many times as one wants without worrying about ill-effects or causing discomfort to people around.


No ash, no smoke
VChic E-Cigarette works on battery that has a heater in the electronic cartridge that releases nicotine vapor and no smoke. It also does not generate any ash which a normal cigarette does. The vapor is odorless and yet tastes and feels just like tobacco smoke cigarette. VChic E-Cigarette appears to be the healthiest option that supposedly gives the authentic feel of a cigarette minus ash, smoke and risk to health.


Smart mechanism
The makers of VChic E-Cigarette elaborate that how it has been devised using sophisticated VChis Vapor Technology. Its body has an LED display that lights up when one takes a puff and a microprocessor that controls the heater and LED. It has an atomizer and an electronic cartridge with a heater that creates the nicotine vapors. The cartridge also stores nicotine in vegetable or propylene glycol forms, which apparently ensures it doesn’t generate smoke and ash but just vapors that satisfies the user. The battery also comes with a lifetime warranty, which


Slashes costs, protects you from harmful tobacco too
The vapor cartridge of VChic E-Cigarette, you are told, is an equivalent of two packs of cigarettes, which cuts down the cost apart from protecting your health and environment from the harmful tobacco.


Available in two sizes and different colors
VChic E-Cigarette is avaiable in two sizes, regular and ultra-slim and five different colors to choose from.


What do I get?In VChic E-Cigarette you get a Battery, USB Charger and 2 Flavor Cartridges just for $9.95 + $6.95 shipping and handling.Official

Average Ratings

7 thoughts on “VChic E-Cigarette

  1. I called before I ordered cause I didn’t wanna get overcharged and didn’t want auto refill shipping, and had no problem! I gotta say, I really like it. I also have the bottom”smoke 51″ n this blows it away. The vapor’s good and you get a good “throat hit”. Total came to about $30. The only thing is, the cartridges last nowhere near what they say. I go through 1 in about 18 hrs, and I was a 1 pk a day smoker. I tried to quit smoking 3 times before. I pick this up after siting in my drawer for 3 months and haven’t smoked since. Who knew!!!

  2. I went onto the VChic website to check out their product and it asked for a credit card so, I put in my debit card. When it got to the page where it wanted to know if you wanted to auto ship, I was unsure. My husband said to wait to place the order until we did a little research so, I backed out of the website. You can imagine my surprise the next day when I got an email confirming an order that I actually had not confirmed!!!! I went immediately back to the website and emailed them telling them to cancel the order. They sent me a support ticket telling me they would contact me. The next day, I had a debit of almost $51 on my bank website. I went in and emailed them again telling them to cancel the order and how funny I thought it was that they would debit me after I told them to cancel the order. I got a package from them two days ago. I have not and will not open it. It is going back to them tomorrow! I have tried to call their website customer service number and sat on hold for over 8 minutes. When it said I was being transferred to a representative, all of a sudden it told me the number was not in service. This sounds like a scam to me! BEWARE!!! I am going to my bank and having these charges removed!!!!!


  4. I tried the e-cigarette from the variety store for $9.95 that gives 400 puffs per each e-cig. When I went to inhale? It was like smoking nothing. I thought what a rip off! It was so ultra, ultra, ultra light. You can’t even taste anything. It’s like smoking a cold thick piece of plastic. With a blue light at the end and there’s no satisfaction to these E-Cigg. What so ever!

    I want to try the VChic E-Cigarette I saw advertised on TV. I figured by this time, they may have come out with something more advanced as far has flavor goes and more closer to the real thing. Has far as inhaling a real cigg.

    Most TV ads. Have actors who play the role has the user of their products. If in fact the VChic Cig. is higher quality and does what they claim on the TV. Commercial? Then they would have a HUGH hit. I wish I saw at least one review from someone who has actually used one of these new VChic Cigs. I will order the VChic today and come back here after I tried the VChic-Cig. To let people know the truth of this product.
    Wish me Luck.


    • I received the Vchic, Blue Tobacco, regular (and purchased an additional battery) on 4/4/14. I did not charge it immediately like most other products I have tried and did not need to charge it until 4/6/14. I’m still on the original two (free cartridges). So far, this is the best e-cig I have tried, also the least expensive and the best lifetime battery warranty. However, I would like to choose the nicotine strength. This is a little strong, but I am somewhat of a wimp. If it wasn’t for the guarantee and warranty, I would have been reluctant to try this also. Hope this helps.


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