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6 thoughts on “Vegitrim Gourmet Veggie System Review

How To Buy Xanax Pills
  1. It’s not that easy to use. It doesn’t work for round veggies, like beetroot, and the piece with spikes to hold veggies doesn’t work well. Even with cucumbers and carrots, there’s always a 4 cm piece of vegetable that won’t spiralise because it’s too short.

    • Hello, Teresa Pole-Baker Gouveia –

      Thank you for your review. We agree, entirely! However, before we simply throw away the Vegitrim system, we wanted to ask you if you found a way to use the ends of the vegetables.

      Hoping for a reply and thanking you in advance,
      Haras & Conny

  2. We discovered the same problem as the above reviewer “Teresa Pole-Baker Gouveia” found: much of the vegetable is left over as waste.

    Unless the Vegitrim company (or someone) has a solution to avoid the wasted vegitable ‘ends,’ we would end up throwing away the Vegitrim system.

    Does anyone have a solution, or have we simply wasted our money?

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