Velform Instant Curls


Velform Instant Curls is an automatic curler designed to give you sexy, stunning professional quality curls in just seconds, anytime you want. You can use Velform Instant Curls at home to get curling results faster and easier than ever before. With Velform Instant Curls you can get soft curls or big bouncy curls that last all day and night. Velform Instant Curls lets you transform your hair from dull to beautiful in seconds.




Just click, spin and curl. It’s that easy! Velform Instant Curls features the breakthrough quick curl technology, which automatically spins hair through the precision designed tourmaline ceramic barrel, heating and curling evenly on all sides so it’s safer for your hair. Velform Instant Curls gives you perfect curls in seconds.

The best part about Velform Instant Curls is that it won´t hurt and no matter what type of hair you have, your hair will always look shiny, soft and silky. It gives your fine and/or flat hair more volume and it will look shiny and soft to your dry hair.


VELFORM INSTANT CURLS Features – Features of the Velform Instant Curls: Automatic curler, Long lasting curls in seconds, 3 Heat settings, 4 Timer settings, 3 styles: Looser curls, medium curls, tighten curls, and Tourmaline Ceramic curl barrel. Use, anytime, anywhere. Velform Instant Curls can be used anytime. It is so quick and easy, you can look beautiful either to go to work or to simply go out. With Velform Instant Curls you can save time and money by using it at the comfort of your home to get professional results. So you no longer have to go to a stylist to get the curls that you love!


Velform Instant Curls Review

Maddie White A user of Velform Instant Curls says in his review“Velform Instant Curls is difficult for them to work on the back of their hair because of its setup and it’s easier to use a traditional curling iron.”

According to another user Brooke Watts – “You can’t change the Velform Instant Curls settings much and it does not curl your hair.”

As per one customer Ruby Ward – “My granddaughter’s hair was badly jammed in the Velform Instant Curler.”

Another user Gracie Campbell complains in her review“My daughter’s 23” long hair tangled in the Velform Instant Curls and had to be pulled hard many times to detangle them.”

Eden Stone states in her review“Even though on the lowest setting, the winding and heat broke my hair.”

Thea Jenkins mentions in her review“Velform Instant Curls worked great for a month but slowed down after that and stopped functioning.”

Taylor Fisher complains in her review“The Velform Instant Curls worked well on my friend’s straight hair but didn’t work on waves. The device stuck twice and I had to seek help to untangle it. Velform Instant Curl works well only if a narrow strip of hair is curled and anything bigger takes a long time and hence I am selling it. The curler gives great results if kept close to the hair ends (2-3”) but a curling iron works better for curls close to the scalp.”


Velform Instant Curls Questions and Answers

Q. Is Velform Instant Curls suitable for long hair?
A. The Velform Instant Curls works fabulously for my daughter and me and we both have long hair. If you have really long hair, you can’t put a lot in at one time. The methods that work best for us and take approximately 10 minutes are: tying a high ponytail, curling in small section, and letting the hair down.

Q. Can one adjust the curl size?
A. No, you cannot.

Q. How can I set the timer? I’ve altered the display to 8,10,12,15 but it works only for a little while and doesn’t do more than a single beep.
A. This device is worthless. Send it back while you have time if you are still within the return period.

Q. Does this Velform Instant Curls work on short hair? I have neither short nor long hair but shoulder length Bob.
A. No, the device works quite well on medium hairstyles. However, it may not quite be suitable for very short hair.

Q. Can the Velform Instant Curls be used on wet hair?
A. No, the hair will burn and also tangle up in the device.

Q. How close will the curls be to the scalp with the tool?
A. Not sure. I sent the tool back because it was hard to use and didn’t work with my hair.


What do I get?

  • 1 Velform Instant Curls Curler
  • 1 Styling Brush
  • 3 Hair clips
  • 1 Cleaning tool

Price: £59.99 | Official website:

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