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  1. This is not true at all. I have thick curly hair and after my Panasonic straightener that also brushes broke after many years I decided to go and buy a new on so while I was at woolworths I found this product on sale so when I brought it I tried it on my hair and it would not straighten but will only burn it. After leaving the straightener for a few minutes on a part of my hair it didn’t work. Waste of $50 and time

  2. This product is not even as good as a standard blow drier and good brush. It does a woeful job of producing straight sleek hair and it was not at all kind to my hair. Waste of $$$ and time. I’m now back to sleek styling with reliable straightening flat tongs which are also less damaging than the Velform.
    Word of warning: if you want to straighten and smooth your hair, don’t bother with this

  3. I have thick shoulder length hair it is very wavy and hard to control I normally use a straightener and I got this product thinking it would take less time big waste all it done was make more hair look worse it will now sit in the back of my wardrobe back to using my straightener it may take more time but at least I get results from my trusty cheap straightener

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