What is Velform Supreme Styler?

It is a hair styling tool with which you can do up your hair in a multiple ways in minutes. It uses ionic function that adds volume and shine to your hair as well as straighten, smoothen and nurture it.

Look stunning in a new hairstyle anytime!

If you think that a great hairdo is what makes one look stunning, Velform Supreme Styler could be the perfect hair styling tool made just for you. Velform Supreme Styler is a multi-styling tool for hair that claims it lets you wear any hairstyle easily and beautifully in just a few minutes. Try it if you love experimenting with your hair, for it will, as its makers confidently assert, do a world of good to your looks.


Possibilities unlimited

Velform Supreme Styler is being promoted as a revolutionary hair styling tool that is a cut above the rest which offer limited options. With this tool that seems to singlehandedly function like four tools, possibilities really seem unlimited. You can turn to it whenever you want to style your hair in any manner and all you might actually need is just three minutes to get desired results.

Salon results right at home

Apart from making it easy to sport any hairstyle, Velform Supreme Styler assures you of nourishing and treating your tresses really well. It claims to provide salon-like results as it can help you do lots with your hair. Its ionic function adds volume, lift and shine to your hair, eliminates frizz and also straightens and smoothens it easily.


The secret? The exclusive “IONITY” technology

Velform Supreme Styler is equipped with the special “IONITY” technology that apparently combines the gentle ceramic heat of the barrel of the brush with ions that nourish your hair. The tool offers safe ceramic heat with healthy ionic moisture to your hair, which makes your hair silky and lets you wear any hairstyle you desire in a jiffy.

Two temperatures settings to choose from

Velform Supreme Styler is equipped low and high temperature settings that suit one’s hair. Opt for low temperature if you have fine hair and for high if you have thicker hair.

What do I get

You get

  • Velform Supreme Styler
  • Anti-tangling supreme styler brush
  • Styling Clips
  • Handy travel bag
  • For £69.99 + £6.99 S&H. official website

    Average Ratings

    5 thoughts on “VELFORM SUPREME STYLER

    1. This product is not even as good as a standard blow drier and good brush. It does a woeful job of producing straight sleek hair and it was not at all kind to my hair. Waste of $$$ and time. I’m now back to sleek styling with reliable straightening flat tongs which are also less damaging than the Velform.
      Word of warning: if you want to straighten and smooth your hair, don’t bother with this

    2. This product is horrible, I have short hair- not thick, and it wouldn’t even straighten after heating up for 5 minutes. And when attempting to curl it got stuck in my hair and burnt my hair.

    3. This is not true at all. I have thick curly hair and after my Panasonic straightener that also brushes broke after many years I decided to go and buy a new on so while I was at woolworths I found this product on sale so when I brought it I tried it on my hair and it would not straighten but will only burn it. After leaving the straightener for a few minutes on a part of my hair it didn’t work. Waste of $50 and time

      • Shocking product don’t try and curl your hair with it or you won’t have any hair left my hair got stuck in it any wonder it was on special.


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