Vuly 2

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What is Vuly 2

– The commercial proclaims that it is an extraordinary trampoline that will give you bouncy fun while being extra safe. It assures to assemble easily in under an hour and is weatherproof.



Maximum bouncy fun with safety

Vuly 2 is a trampoline that convinces to bring the family fun jumping games in your backyard again while being extremely safe. It emphasizes to have the tallest safety enclosure at 6’2” that can handle all the tosses, flips, turns, spins, and twists while bouncing. Vuly 2 proclaims to be created from soft, durable, and superfine Silk Terylene that reduces scratches and abrasions. The active safety enclosure of Vuly 2 declares to safely pull the players back toward the centre for safe landing. There are no user Vuly 2 reviews to corroborate these claims.


Easy to assemble and durable
Vuly 2 states to take less than an hour to assemble and needs no nuts and bolts. It has an easy click-together frame that is allegedly sturdy enough to take the weight of 330 lbs. That sounds farfetched, so do read Vuly 2 user reviews before buying it. The safety pads of Vuly 2 are reversible so that you’ll have a fresh look every time. The pads also claim to be UV and water resistant so they will be durable. We haven’t analyzed the user reviews of Vuly 2 yet to know the truth. Vuly 2 assures that its Hex-Vex Graphic mat makes for fun bouncy games. Is Vuly 2 that great? Let’s wait for user reviews.


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