Watering Hole REVIEW

What is Watering Hole? – It is a versatile outdoor sink that can be easily installed anywhere if you need a basin with flowing water.



Watering Hole REVIEW

Frank Roberts in his Watering Hole review complains that the hoses and hose connectors of Watering Hole are truly useless. Water dribbles out from every seam. One hose even entirely slipped out of the supposedly-built-in end connector (and the water pressure was very low at the time).

Tom Benson complains that the fittings of Watering Hole are made of some cheap metal alloy that could easily break when trying to make the first connection. The faucet leaks and the connections break. All in all, Watering Hole is an extremely cheap product.

George Smith reveals in his Watering Hole review that the fittings on the Watering Hole sink are not good enough to stand the pressure of the water supply. All the quick connect fittings may need to be replaced. The hoses are too short and also needed to be replaced with longer pieces of hose.

Olivia Lane in her Watering Hole review complains that it leaks everywhere, it says drinking fountain is adjustable but only by how much you turn the hose on, and when the hose is on enough for the tap to run good the drinking fountain goes about 20 feet up and over. Watering Hole is small and made of flimsy plastic. That would be fine if you could drink from it and it didn’t leak everywhere.

Barbara Pierce warns in his Watering Hole review that the picture of Watering Hole is merely a mirage. Watering Hole is a light-weight and teeny sink. It is actually a “toy” sink!

Paul Grover regrets buying the Watering Hole in his review he says the fittings of Watering Hole are made of some cheap metal alloy that could break easily when you try to make the first connection. Fixing this piece is more practically trouble than what it is worth. It is wiser to save your money. Do not purchase the Watering Hole sink!

Walter Hall is not satisfied with the Watering Hole, in his review he mentions that it is much smaller than it actually appears. It breaks very easily and is cheaply made. It is simply a piece if junk. It leaks all over and may even break while putting it up.

Kate Brown who used the Watering Hole reveals in her Watering Hole review that it does not contain any information about how to install it. Also the dimensions and weight are not mentioned either!


Watering Hole Claims

Multipurpose, mobile outdoor sink – Watering Hole may well be called a portable cleaning station that ensures incredibly easy access to flowing water outdoors anywhere, anytime you are gardening, working in the garage, partying or simply relaxing outdoors. Once connected to a spigot and turned on, Watering Hole provides with you a faucet, drinking fountain and comfort outdoors.

Convenience, clean water and more guaranteed – Watering Hole is easy to install, comes with an outside faucet to wash hands in and a water fountain simultaneously. Since it is supplied with NSF safe hoses known to be safe to drink from, it guarantees clean water. Since Watering Hole, is durable and can be installed easily anywhere. You can also wash dirt off your shoes before entering your home and think of several other uses with Watering Hole at the entrance.


What do I get?
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