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What is Window Wonder?

Looking for a fast and easy way to clean hard to reach windows? It’s time to make the switch to Window Wonder, a breakthrough 3-in-1 window cleaner. Window Wonder is an innovative window mop designed to clean hard to reach windows. The Window Wonder takes just half the time and you get all your professional window cleaning supplies in one unit!



Window Wonder CLAIMS

Window Wonder Features – The Window Wonder features an extended high-reach handle with a built-in sprayer, pivoting mop head and professional squeegee. The pivoting mop head removes even the filthiest dirt and grime. The squeegee wipes windows clean without any signs of streaks. The reversible and reusable super absorbent cleaning pads can be easily rinsed off or put in the washing machine. The Window Wonder also features an easy pour reservoir that his designed to hold water or any cleaning fluid. With the Window Wonder you get sparkling windows inside & out.


How does Window Wonder work?

The Window Wonder sprays, wipes, and squeegees windows perfectly dry.

Uses of the Window Wonder – The Window Wonder is great for cleaning windows, mirrors, glass showers, boats, trucks & RVs in just seconds! Use the Window Wonder to clean windows behind shrubs fast and easy. Also, clean up high while standing. You are sure to love the ease and convenience of the breakthrough Window Wonder! The Window Wonder lets you save money on expensive window cleaning. Order the Window Wonder today and never struggle to clean your windows ever again!


Window Wonder REVIEW

Doris Harmon says in her review of the Window Wonder that it drips and leaks everywhere!
Sally Delgado who tried the Window Wonder says in her review of it-“If you plan on applying any pressure while mopping I would not suggest this product”.

Becky Oliver complains in her Window Wonder review that she is extremely disappointed in the quality of the Window Wonder. She also says that after only 6 uses, the sprayer stopped working and started leaking all over the place.
Rochelle Ballard claims in her review of Window Wonder-“After just 7 uses my solution started spraying everywhere and the back in the tank fell off and the mop will no longer spray. I’m incredibly disappointed”.

Traci Jones who purchased the Window Wonder says in her review-“After only a month of use the handle broke while using it. The whole handle just broke off; it was only being held by a cheap plastic. Very unfortunate, will try to contact the customer service and see where that gets me”!

Brenda Mcguire mentions in her Window Wonder review that at first she liked the Window Wonder especially for quick spot cleaning, but then everytime she squeezed the trigger the mist sprayed down on the mop head, not the floor. She says it’s like the nozzle is clogged. She tried to clean it but the trigger is hard to pull. She loved the idea of having this mop but is very unhappy with performance.

Another user Annette Weaver states in her review of the Window Wonder-“I bought the Window Wonder mop for $35.92, I used it four times and then the trigger broke and won’t spray cleaning solution. I did use it once for cleaning windows and that was awesome. Cleaning my outdoor windows was fast and easy. Using it to mop my kitchen floors worked wonderful when it actually worked. I am very disappointed”.

Maxine Morris has mixed reviews of the Window Wonder and lists the pros and cons of it.

The pros: – No batteries! I love this! It makes me nervous though that like a spray bottle, eventually this will stop working. Window Wonder comes with the window pad/squeegee. Not the easiest to pop off to switch to the mop head, but definitely a nice option! Use your own solution! Reusable mop pads – Comes with two and they’re pretty nice! Also comes with an extra window pad (2 in total)!

The cons: – Super short mop – Mops should be adjustable to be reach the person mopping’s chin. I’m 5’8″ and this goes just above my belly button!

Flimsy – I’d like a strong feeling mop. I feel like I could break it if I scrub too hard.’

Packaging was less than impressive. Everything was just tossed into the box”.

Ruth Brady says in her Window Wonder review-“Good for the price. It leaks a bit during use. Overall, I am okay with the Window Wonder purchase for the price. Good value for refillable cartridge and like the ability to use the solution I prefer. Much better than a Swiffer wet jet”!


Window Wonder Questions and Answers

Q. Does the Window Wonder mop require batteries?
A. No, the spray mop drives only on your hand power and energy from you.

Q. Does the Window Wonder mop come with solution refills?
A. No, the Window Wonder mop does not come with solution refills.

Q. Does the Window Wonder mop come pre-filled with solution? If so, what is the solution made out of?
A. The Window Wonder mop comes with an empty spray bottle. You will need to use any solution of your choice.

Q. Can the Window Wonder mop be used on laminate flooring?
A. Yes, the Window Wonder mop can be used on laminate floors. The Window Wonder mop has been used on laminate floors with in floor heating with no problem at all. However, when the spray mop kit arrived, the lid did not fit and it dripped all over. After putting some plastic around the head and screwing down the lid it works just fine. Also recommend washing the cleaning pad, in hot soap and water, or throw it in the washer.

Q. Is the microfiber cloth refill of the Window Wonder available?
A. No, the microfiber cloth refill is not available.

Q. How does one purchase mop head refills?
A. Mop heads are not sold separately.

Q. Can I refill the solution container of the Window Wonder?
A. You can detach it and refill any cleaning liquid you like. But you are advised not to keep a liquid in a spray bottle. Pour the detergent out after you finished cleaning to the other container for storage until next time. Clean with a warm water bottle and spray. This prevents drying up liquid inside the spray.

Q. Can I buy a replacement spray bottle for the mop kit?
A. No, replacement spray bottles are not available.

Q. Does the trigger get stuck or stop working after a couple of months?
A. Yes, the Window Wonder is a flimsy window mop, buy something tried and tested.

Q. How wide and how long is the floor pad of the Window Wonder mop?
A. The size of the floor pad is approximately 15 x 5 ½.

Q. Has anyone tried the Window Wonder mop on their bathroom mirror?
A. Haven’t tried the Window Wonder mop on a bathroom mirror but in principle it should work.


What do I get?

  • 2 Window Wonder Mops
  • 2 Replacement Pads

Price: $19.99 + $4.99 S/h. Official website

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