Wipe New Tires

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What is Wipe New Tires

It is long lasting tire shine that doesn’t crack, peel or wash away and offers protection to tires of your drives.
Wipe New Tires is meant to be a smart solution for car enthusiasts, detailers and just about all car owners who want to protect their car tires and add to their longevity. That’s easier said than done when the tires have to bear the onslaught of dirt, mud, heat, snow, rain and of course the regular car washes you put them through. But now apparently by using Wipe New Tires, you can protect them for a long time.


Wipe New Tires is meant to last for six months

You might have tried similar products to add to the overall life of your car tires. But you know they don’t really work well and rinse off as soon as you put your car through the wash. However that’s not meant to be the case with Wipe New Tires, according to its claims. Once you have applied Wipe New Tires, it apparently keeps doing its job for 6 months. In fact there are claims that it will stay even after 100 car washes, which makes it great value for your money.

Wipe New Tires is meant to be easy to apply

While Wipe New Tires gives your tires protection from snow, rain, heat and other elements, it’s meant to be quite easy to apply on your own as well. It comes with a special applicator that makes your task a lot easier. All you have to do is apply it on your tires and leave it to dry. That’s it; Wipe New Tires will keep on doing its job for a long time for you. And you will manage to get these quality results without the help of professionals, according to its claims.


Wipe New Tires: Knowing the secret

If you are wondering why Wipe New Tires works a lot better than other products in the market then you have to remember that it’s not just a coating. In fact it’s a proprietary formula that bonds to the tires and fills through the pores. Thus it protects deeper and more effectively than other tire products you can get your hands on. Wipe New Tires is also meant to make your tires look a lot nicer; they look newer than new through hundred car washes.

Wipe New Tires has several other benefits too

When you are using Wipe New Tires you don’t have to worry about overspray or sling. And there’s no greasy residue that can lead to mess later. Wipe New Tires also claims to offer your tires UV protection, which is an added advantage.

What do i get?

You get 2 oz bottle of wipe new tyre formula and new wheel kit for $14.99 +$11.98 S&P. Official website wipenewtires.com


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