Wiser Visor

What is Wiser Visor

As per the TV infomercial it is a visor clip that can hold any type of smart phone easily. It is extendable for accommodating up to 3.5 inches of phone width and can be clipped anywhere on the visor.


Keep your eyes on road

Wiser Visor states to be an amazing phone holder that provides a comfortable place for phone to sit while you are driving. At this point of time there are no Wiser Visor reviews yet that will verify its claims. Wiser Visor asserts to be perfect over other types of holders that are to be mounted on the dashboard simply because they are not flexible and convenient. Currently no Wiser Visor review is available that will attest to its claims. Wiser Visor proclaims that its unique design and usability will keep the driver’s eye on road for a safe drive. Wiser Visor does sound pretty impressive; user reviews will soon reveal the truth.


Thoughtful design

Wiser Visor alleges to be an outcome of worry when drivers take their eyes off the road to get the phone from bag or drop them from the dashboard. Its unique design is meant for keeping the phone in the driver’s eye level. Whether or not it achieves it will be only known once it is reviewed. Wiser Visor convinces to be perfect for use in car as it is to be clipped anywhere onto the car’s visor. The easy click mechanism and the cradle allow users to insert their phone in it. Wiser Visor claims are quite fascinating and shall be confirmed only once we get to analyze user reviews. Wiser Visor states to securely fit the phone in its cradle and allows user to access any option required easily. This way a person can drive, talk and check GPS too safely. Can Wiser Visor provide such ease? Send us your reviews.


Numerous advantages

Wiser Visor assures to be fully adjustable up to 3.5 inches to accommodate most types of smartphones available today. More will be revealed once users review it. Wiser Visor promises to provide hands-free access to the phone at eye level, which is not possible with dashboard mounts. Another assurance by Wiser Visor is that it is completely adjustable, reusable and completely adjustable. These advantages surely make Wiser Visor a worthwhile holder but nothing is confirmed till we receive its reviews. Additionally the reviews should also tell us whether or not the frame and quality of Wiser Visor is as good as it claims to hold the phone securely. Wiser Visor also declares that the cradle that grips the phone is non-scratch in nature to avoid any damage. Such fancy claims by Wiser Visor will be attested once it is reviewed.


What do I get?

Get 2 Wiser Visors for $10.00 + $13.98 S/h. Official website: BuyWiserVisor.com

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