Wonder Core Smart REVIEW

What is Wonder Core Smart

It is a use at home workout equipment that claims to give you flat abs and strong core that you always wanted. Wonder Core SMART is a more portable and compact version of the clumsy Wonder Core that was introduced a few years back.

Wonder Core Smart maintains that it can be your way to getting washboard abs that you have dreamed of for a long time. You might have been taking all the efforts in the world to get the results, which leave a lot to be desired. Gym memberships are expensive and end up taking a lot of your precious time. That’s where Wonder Core Smart comes into the picture, according to its claims, and lets you have results in double quick time.



Assembly – Unlike other sit-n-exercise equipment’s like Ab Doer, Wonder Core Smart does not need to be assembled (?). Landon in his review says the Wonder Core Smart site (WonderCore.com | WonderCoreSmart.com) mentions that it comes assembled but one of the reviewers on Amazon.com claimed some assembly is required.

Cheap Material – The makers of Wonder Core Smart do not mention anything about the material used in the product construction. It is probably made form cheap fiber and plastic.

Resistance – The resistance is created by springs which will squeak and get weaker.

Too small for big people – Lucas in his Wonder Core Smart review points out that Wonder Core Smart is too small for bigger people and they may find it difficult and awkward to use it. The seat also is small and is suited for smaller people only.

Is Wonder Core Smart Sturdy? – Depends on who uses it, Randall in his review says that Wonder Core Smart is not very sturdy and may not last long. It is just ok for an average sized person. He further points out that they do not mention what is the maximum weight that Wonder Core Smart can sustain. They also do not mention the weight and dimensions of the product. If the product is really great why don’t they provide complete information about it.

Deceptive Graphic and Presentation – Claudio in his Wonder Core Smart review reveals that the Wonder Core Smart video shows a lot of users using the Wonder Core Smart in variety of positions and doing a variety of exercises. Wonder Core Smart is not at all stable so you cannot do all the exercises they show in the ad. It seems that in the video they may have attached the unit to the ground so that it does not move.

FAKE Wonder Core Smart REVIEWS – Those people in the Wonder Core Smart infomercial claim to have achieved 6 pack abs and streamlined bodies even before the Wonder Core Smart product was introduced in to the market. So it is no brainer that they achieved the results prior to using the Wonder Core Smart and not after.

Another reviewer Gregg points out that when he googled “wonder core smart reviews” he was disappointed, the reviews were like “it is excellent product”, “i am pleased with it”, “i recommend this product” and the like which are clearly promoted by the advertisers, he said he could find only a few “REAL” reviews and that were enough to save him $120.

WONDER CORE SMART is not stable – One reviewer on Amazon says Wonder Core Smart is not at all good. He mentions in his Wonder Core Smart review that the fitness equipment is not stable. Instead of getting 6 pack abs and toned body he got back problems from the Wonder Core Smart. He further mentions in his review that it is hard to work with the Wonder Core Smart.

Is Wonder Core Smart worth $120? – Certainly not…the capabilities of the Wonder Core Smart are too exaggerated, it is just ok for beginners and light exercisers who need to feel good about exercising. You cannot get those bodies with Wonder Core Smart alone, if you are that dedicated to achieve those bodies you wouldn’t require any fancy machine like the Wonder Core Smart. At the most it can be just a small part of your exercise routine and is certainly not worth the price.

Would we recommend it? – Not at this price. The product will be available at Walmart and Amazon.com soon where it will be cheaper, we recommend trying it then.


How does Wonder Core Smart claim to work?

Wonder Core Smart asserts that it offers you resistance all the way up and down with every rep. Thus you have a use at home workout equipment that does the job for you and without too much hassle as well. You can get started with it sooner rather than later and get the most out of every rep you do. Wonder Core Smart also emphasizes that in fact it is known for its dual resistance. That’s why you get double the workout in half the time. If you have been looking to get results in a short time on a daily basis then you might just have found a way to them.


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Wonder Core Smart for freedom while working out

Wonder Core Smart stresses that it offers 180 degree full range of motion when you are working out. It thus lets you isolate and train your lower, upper and middle abs individually. As you pay special attention to each of them, you can ensure that they are being worked out and shaped in the best possible way. The full range of motion of the Wonder Core Smart also means that you get a much tighter core.

Another claimed advantage of using Wonder Core Smart is that it is easily adjustable to your fitness level. You can choose the resistance suited for you on your way down and the support adequate for your fitness level while coming up.


Wonder Core Smart and the benefits you can get out of it

Wonder Core Smart claims that you can not only strengthen your core but be on your way to getting those flat abs as well. But that’s not all; the total built in twisting in this equipment makes it possible for you to get rid of those tricky love handles. They also let you have a total core workout at home. Wonder Core Smart guarantees you complete comfort while using it because you are seated in comfortable seated position while your neck and head get complete support.


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What Do I Get?

  • You get Wonder Core Smart for $120

Official website: WonderCore.com

30 Responses to “Wonder Core Smart REVIEW”

  1. Tommy says:

    Spring broke on Smart Wonder core after 6 months just on a simple push down, so i bought new wonder core 2 and the noise of the springs it is just unusable .
    The concept is great but it will not last long or will make so much noise with springs you just will not use it.

  2. Carol says:

    I have had my smart wonder core for just10 months and one of the springs has broke .Is there any were I can get it mended

  3. peter says:

    bought one in January it is broken in may must be made with cheap materials has only lasted five months speaks for itself

  4. ANNA HANSEN says:

    I received the product as a gift. Im only petite and 45kgs. Using it for less than a year and just falls apart. I have no idea how can I get a replacement. I find it hard to buy online and get a replacement if something goes wrong with the product.

  5. carolyn bee says:

    I ordered this per my 75 year old fathers request on a Friday @ 4pm. Later the finds out it is sold at Walmart, Target, Bed Bath & Beyond. The same day I called to cancel as it is sold locally. Apparently it take 24-48 hours to put into their system. I was told to call back @ 8am Monday morning. I call back and was told it already shipped @8am . I then called customer service and was told that they would send me a return label free of charge for the inconvenience. I just followed up and now I am told they never do that. I have to send it to them and eat the cost. The customer service sucks. Its not worth the $100

  6. Sondra says:

    I placed my order on Jan 22nd didn’t receive until Feb. 1st. They have a return policy however they DO NOT cover cost of the return of the product if not satisfied. The Wonder Core Smart did not work for me; I am in so much pain from trying to use this contraption. When returning this product I was shocked that the cost was between $38-$97 to pay for returning, they do not pay for returns. This I personally feel is not fair. I should have read the reviews before I purchased this product…Signed…frustrated!

  7. Nathan says:

    I saw the commercial and immediately saw that it was a scam. Unfortunately so many dumb people buy this crap which allows this to continue to be sold. It should be banned off the market and labeled “for idiots only”! This is not even worth $20 but desperate (& retarded) people have paid over $120. Total rip off scam that should be stopped.

  8. Kevin Linnell says:

    This cannot improve abs. The abs pull you up into a sitting position they do not push you back down. This is done by the lower back muscles. Therefore the resistance needs to be in front of you not behind as on this machine. Total waste of money!

  9. Anneline Singh Puskas says:

    I absolutely love my wonder core. My baby is 5 months and every other machine didn’t support my bad back. It’s so compact and sturdy enough for me. My legs upper arms and abdomen is getting a real workout already. The transformation has begun. I luv it.

  10. Nicolina Mestayer says:

    Did anyone use it and lost some weight with it, more inches on ur waist???? Please let me know, thanks

    • Carol says:

      Yes I have lost2stone since using mine .I love it but it as now broke a spring and I don’t know were to get it mended

  11. Tm Kap says:

    Folks if it is on TV then it is junk. Why would any product manufacturer or marketer spend the type of money it takes to do info-mercials as opposed to traditional Brick and Mortar. Is it because with B&M consumers have the power to return to the point of sale?? I have to admit I was suckered in the past and the nature of TV advertising is alluring. Just keep telling yourself it is junk.

  12. JP says:

    Before I can comment, how many are there for this contraption and how many against? Also, what are the pros and cons?

  13. mina says:

    Thank you for your very honest review. it is good to get these before going ahead and wasting your money, and possibly getting an injury. they show all these amazing slim fit people advertising the product, but as you say, larger people (who would be the ones buying the product) don’t fit on them, they are made for slim people.. always good to read reviews on products

  14. Tony Caleta says:

    Thank you very much for your honest review – unlike most of the fake reviews we tend to get from the vulture affiliates who will tell us a pack of lies just to make a few dollars commission.

    Please keep up the good work. You also just saved me not only money – but wasted time with returning it and maybe also return fees.


  15. Rachel says:

    This is the best and honest reviews ever. Thank yous all.

  16. diana says:

    just got mine in today.. so far ok.

  17. Rita Lewis says:

    I received my Wonder Core Smart today. I was so excited that I pulled it out of the box and watched the DVD. I cannot begin to tell you how much I love this. I have some back issues and it gives me the added support I need to be able to do sit ups again. I may never get a six pack from using this but let me tell you this is an amazing device and yes I would buy it again at the same price. I am so very pleased!!!

  18. PatG says:

    Thank you for the review. I was tempted, but have lower back problem and wondered if this gave the support they claimed. You have just saved me the money as there are few reviews out there.

  19. Doubtful says:

    I’ve seen this product on TSC. I’m grateful for these HONEST reviews of this product. Never again will I purchase something without checking out reviews. I’ve been taken on TSC with Tony Little’s Gazelle, which is a piece of junk and not supported for replacement parts. Therefore, I believe that this Wonder Core is also another lost cause that will not be supported for replacement or repair when it fails (and I believe that it will).

  20. Edy says:

    I’ve tried to buy it form WonderCore.com but I can’t. The website doesn’t work and I don’t know what to do. Is there another website where I can buy it?



  21. Jordan says:

    Do you think I am stupid….Jordan Nevels got those abs with this pu$$y machine.

    Notice Jordan’s hands at @1:20 in the video, they are not very well supported.

  22. Julian says:

    Thanks for this review, I have been everywhere on the internet to read the Smart Wonder Core reviews and couldn’t find one that really looked like a review. I was doubting about it and now I am certain, I wouldn’t buy from them.

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