Worx Switch Driver

What is the Worx Switch Driver?

The Worx Switch Driver is a new age cordless drill and driver that claims to be twice as fast as your regular driver and half the hassle involved. The Worx Switch Driver claims to be powered by a 20V MaxLithium battery and variable 2 speed gearing that allows you to tackle all those drilling problems that weighed you down all this while. With many unique features that are listed in the product description page, the Worx Switch Driver promises its users to be a worthy investment.



WORX 2-in-1 Switch Drill & Driver Review

Gerrard Wilson in his WORX 2-in-1 Switch Drill & Driver review gives a detailed account about his experience with the tool. According to him it is more for the amateur than a pro. He seems relatively satisfied with the product though he points out a few shortcomings. The switch is good and easy to use and High/Low variable speed is a big plus. He cautions everyone to read the instructions carefully before working with the LION batteries and the charger. Gerrard had the most difficult time registering the product. The slow customer website has a very confusing registration software which makes it mandatory to fill all your info even if you already have an account. Moreover the serial number and product name is not spelled correctly and it is compulsory to sign up for the account.

Though it is compact in size and well balanced, the torque output is underwhelming at 330” lbs which is really low for a 20 volt drill/driver. Moreover the electronic torque control is next to nil. It simply shuts off as if the battery is low and that the torque load has stalled the switch driver. The LED light does not have a delayed off switch which can be triggered on to find the screw head without spinning the drill or driver in it. This usually is a common feature on competitive products.
The kits with two packs belong to the older style 1.5 hour picks whereas newer models of Worx trimmers have 2.0 amp hour packs. Gerrard reminds us that amp hour (ah) rating is akin to the size of your fuel tank and it directly affects the pack’s ability to deliver current.

There are no belt hooks or clips which is a standard feature on most of the cordless drills. The biggest backdrop is that the makers do not provide a carrying case to keep the tools safely at one place. He complains that you need to pre-drill every hole in a 2×4 unlike the regular 20 volt size drill/driver. Though the design objective was met, but as a drill and driver it is average at its best. The charger is bit of an issue as it does not diagnose the cells when charging, nor does it shut off when the pack is fully charged. Overall it is not a bad purchase according to Gerrard as he got the batteries, the charger, and a low torque 20 volt drill for 15% less than buying two spare batteries.

As mentioned above, the website is a big problem. He attempted to post his feedback twice on the website but it never got approved. He alleges that the Worx moderators only post super positive feedback on their site which is a very false and misleading policy.

Gerrard returned after using the WORX 2-in-1 Switch Drill & Driver for a month and he still didn’t seem so impressed with the tool. He tried using the other tools which he already has and tried to compare notes with the WORX 2-in-1 Switch Drill & Driver. The Rigid 12 Volt combo was compact and delivered more torque. The 12 volt Dewalt impact driver allowed him to leave the battery after being charged and it lets you drive a 3” deck screw without pre-drilling. However he does like the screw driver to be at hand so that he can quickly grab it in case he needs to drill a pilot hole. All said and done, he is pleased with his purchase because in the discounted price he now has two more batteries for his iWorx cordless jawsaw. In other words, total price, if shopped well is less than two batteries.

Loretta Willard in her WORX 2-in-1 Switch Drill & Driver review says that it is a good tool for someone who has a hands-on experience with hand power tools but it is very difficult for a newbie to understand the instructions. Removing the batteries and changing out of any hex is a two-hand operation. The pivot of the switch driver head is rather smooth but she recommends to use a light hand so as to preserve the mechanism. Grip is good for her but not so much for someone with larger hands. Doesn’t have its own hard case to store driver, batteries and charger. To prevent the tool from overcharging, she suggests to use an outline timer. Light for illuminating work area is good. Overall it is a good buy for home, hobby or occasional large projects rather than heavy daily use.


How does the Worx Switch Driver work?

Twice as fast – The Worx Switch Driver claims to have patent pending technology which includes rotating dual chucks, that allows you to hold multiple bit pairings that eliminates the task of fumbling around for loose bits. The rotating dual chucks feature promised to help in making the switching between two bits a lot smoother and faster as compared to any other regular driller and driver. This function helps in the smooth transition that you might have been missing with your earlier driver and driller. With an impressive rated voltage and battery capacity, the Worx Switch Driver claims to help you complete your job in a much faster as well as efficient manner.


Half the hassle
The Worx Switch Driver also claims to have precise electronic torque control which in turn prevents the stripping of screws and damage to your work environment. This itself might be a huge plus point for those of you who are sick and tired of the wear and tear involved while using your drilling machines or drivers. While the Worx Switch Driver is yet to receive reviews from its users, if any, the product description and features boasts of a number of top qualities. The variable two speed gearing in the Worx Switch Driver promises to tackle all of the common driving and drilling functions. With the ability to drill through not just wood, but also steel, the Worx Switch Driver sure seems like a game changer. Being compact and light weight, the Worx Switch Driver asserts better control for its users. To top it all off, the Worx Switch Driver also boasts of another unique feature, that is the LED light which is inbuilt. This LED light helps illuminate your work area reducing the scope for any mistakes or mishaps on your part.

With no reviews yet, the Worx Switch Driver currently seems like another apparatus making a bunch of tall claims. Are you someone who is willing to try out the new age, revolutionary Worx Switch Driver? Go ahead and place an order right away to try it out. Don’t forget to send in your reviews and help the others make an informed decision about the Worx Switch Driver.


What do I get?

  • 1 20V Worx Switchdriver
  • 2 20V MaxLithium Battery
  • 1 20V MaxLithium Charger
  • 1 2″ Screwdriver Bit
  • 2 HSS Drill Bits

Price: $119.80 + S/h. Official website: Worx.com

2 Responses to “Worx Switch Driver”

  1. Kim says:

    Got one for Christmas, 2016. Did not open the box and charge it, or begin using it until September, 2017. driving a 2 1/2 inch screw in OSB board and the chuck stripped out. Complete junk and brand new! Nice concept, will wait for a reputable company to come out with their version. Don’t waste your money.

  2. Ray Westphal says:

    Last time I purchased a drill just like this. It would not stay locked and would slip off or fall into what I was drilling. It was the same concept of switching but they called it flipping. Just 3 easy payments of $ 33.00 a month. What a joke! The company was out of business in a short time. Don’t waste your money.

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