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5 thoughts on “Finishing Touch Yes REVIEW | A Cheap Razor with a light

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  1. The Yes by Finishing Touch is nothing more than an electric razor with a decorative light. One has to charge it for 2 1/2 hours for a 60 minute period of use. Trust me, it’ll take all that time & more to “remove” the hair from one leg! It does not provide a close shave. My kit didn’t include an instruction booklet advising how to change the heads, nor did it contain the touch-up pads. This product is a complete WASTE of money!!

  2. no stars here, this product like so many other products that are advertised on tv and then end up in mail order catalogs are the garbage that could not satisfy the customer. This should be banned simply because not as expected or advertised. Rated 100% zero.

  3. Don’t waste money on this really. Go and get you a pack of cheap lady razors, use a little shaving cream and go for it. You will get a better result. The Yes is simply a razor and doesn’t do close shave as has been said. Keep your $39.99.

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