Zuru Air Chair REVIEW

What is Zuru Air Chair? – It is a comfortable outdoor lounger that is lightweight and portable. It takes in air instantly and with some easy steps, transforms itself from a compact carrying case into a lounger.



Zuru Air Chair Review

Zuru is difficult to Inflate
Erik Luke in his Zuru Air Chair review reveals that except in a funnel cloud, can you conceivably blow this the Zuru Air Chair up in two shakes.

Robert Dale who reviewed the Zuru Air Chair says that even after trying to inflate the Zuru Air Chair for weeks running around in the backyard; even on most windy days (‘ 15 MPH) you will not get much air in. The most you will ever be able to get in there isn’t enough to even lift you off the ground properly.


Eric Davis complains in his Zuru Air Chair review that Zuru is not as advertised, the Zuru Air Chair is much heavier than seen on TV. It is almost impossible to fill with air unless there’s a wind storm.

Randy Davis complains that the shiny fabric is too heavy – it doesn’t inflate as easily as other similar products.


Zuru Air Chair is Flimsy
George McConnell complains in his review that after inflating the Zuru Air Chair you may notice the clamp broken when you try to fasten it. The fasteners are plastic so it’s really no wonder why they break easy.

Dick Morton complains in his Zuru Air Chair review that there is an issue with the Zuru Air Chair product design where the buckle to seal the whole thing when it’s filled up with air is “pinch” sewn into place. With a weight of 240lbs on it, the seam could rip open, causing you to fall on the floor.

Emily Dye says in her review that the Zuru Air Chair breaks because the latching mechanism may crack.

Walter Cunningham is dissatisfied with the Zuru Air Chair, in his review he says running around in the backyard, the bag got caught on the roses and ripped. Opening the plastic inside, you will easily be able to rip both the outer shell and the plastic inside with your hands. The Zuru Air Chair doesn’t seem that sturdy at all on the inside.

James Nicholson complains that the Zuru Air Chair may break as soon as you sit on it, it’s hard to inflate and it deflates very easily so it’s unusable. The white one stains easily. Fabric does not repel stains or water.

Julie Lawson complains that Zuru Air Chair says it can accommodate up to 400 lbs but with a weight of 43lb it busted.


Daisy Sullivan sums up the advantages and disadvantages:

Pros: folds up, comes with carrying bag, shipped ok.

Cons: deflates within a day of use, hard to inflate, need decent amount of wind to get the lounger inflated enough for comfortable use, plastic parts seem like they will break soon

Zuru Air Chair is horrible! It comes with absolutely no instructions at all and after it finally got inflated, it popped instantly.


ZURU Air Chair FAQs

Q. How do I fill up the ZURU Air Chair?
1. Unpack from the Carry Case
2. Shake out the ZURU Air Chair to ensure it is nice and long. Should not be folded anywhere at this stage.
3. By swinging the ZURU Air Chair back and forward you will be able to fill it in seconds. For the best filling use in an area with slight breeze!
4. Roll the end with clip nice and tight – (handy tip: twist ends with clips extra tight like you would to dry out a towel!) – Fold the ends and clip shut
5. Place anywhere and start relaxing!

Q. How long will the ZURU Air Chair remain inflated?
A. It can last up to 3-5 hours inflated. This will vary depending on how you use the ZURU Air Chair so for maximum comfort and better use please refill regularly. The best part is that it only takes seconds to refill!

Q. What is the recommended weight for the ZURU Air Chair?
A. The ZURU Air Chair has been tested time and time again. The recommended weight is no greater than 200kg per chair. Please exercise caution when using the ZURU Air Chair and applying excessive weight or force.

Q. Where can I take the ZURU Air Chair?
A. You can take the ZURU Chair anywhere! Small, compact and lightweight, the ZURU Air Chair can be taken with ease. The material can cater to the sand on the beach, the grass at the park and even more rigorous surfaces if need be!

How do I relax safer with the ZURU Air Chair?
A. The ZURU Air Chair is made from a lightweight and water resistant material that is perfect for many holiday locations. The ZURU Air Chair can float on water and is water resistant, however – it is important to note that the Air Chair is not designed or manufactured to be used in the sea or other water based surfaces. If you do use it in the water, please do so with the utmost caution and safety.

What material is the ZURU Air Chair made of?
A. The ZURU Air Chair is made from a strong, water resistant parachute like material that allows it to be placed on hard, soft, wet and uneven surfaces. Please keep in mind the material although able to float, is not designed to do so. Refer to the paragraph directly above.

Q. Washing and Maintenance instructions
A. Ensure the Air Chair receives surface wash and Air dry only. Do not dry clean, do not iron, do not tumble dry, and do not bleach.

Q. Is the ZURU Air Chair safe?
A. Yes! When used as prescribed, the ZURU Air Chair poses no threat to one’s safety. Use with caution and if used in the water please do so carefully. Parental supervision is recommended for children if they wish to use in the water. Again, it is advised against using whilst in the water.


Zuru Air Chair Claims

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Pamper yourself to the hilt – Zuru Air Chair claims to be a great outdoor accessory that can be taken anywhere in the form of a carrying case and turned into a lounger instantly. It is designed as a lightweight and compact lounger which can be used by simply opening and unrolling before being given a couple of quick movements. It takes in air quickly when unfastened and stays steady for hours for you to relax in. The makers of Zuru Air Chair state that it’s made of top quality dual-layered material and according to them, is hard-wearing, waterproof and strong enough to hold up to 400 lbs. weight. They further explain that it is made of rip-resistant material, can be easily carried wherever you want and stored easily as well.

Versatile, innovative and comfy – You may use Zuru Air Chair as a sofa, chair, hammock and more as it’s designed to be flexible and accommodating. Its makers further elaborate that it is made of strong parachute-like material, so you can use it for years. It also packs up quickly and turns into the size of a sleeping bag so you can travel without feeling any burden. You can place Zuru Air Chair on virtually any type of terrain without worrying as it’s tough, adaptable and consistent enough.


What do I get?
Buy Air Chair for $29.99 plus $9.99 Processing & Handling. at ZuruAirChair.com

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  1. Bishop says:

    In desperation as these things are like £20 each the team broke out the big fan used for inflating the hot air balloon. That worked well for inflation sadly the air seal is so bad twenty minutes later it was flat again. Save your money, you will have more success making one from rubble sacks and duct tape.

  2. brian galea says:

    not fit for purpose – don’t waste your money

  3. Kaz says:

    No no this is so wrong on everything

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