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1-800-DOC-ONCALL is an online virtual house call facility that promises to provide you with immediate care when you need to consult a doctor. With this facility you get to consult with a doctor of your choice via live video chat or phone. It is the most excellent place for you to consult with a doctor to get the best advice without having to actually visit the doctor.



24/7 Access

1800 Doc On Call provides 24/7 access anytime you need to consult a doctor, via either webcam or phone. When you consult a doctor via 1800 Doc On Call, the prescriptions, medications and renewals will be sent across directly to your local pharmacy. Also, copies of the consultation records will be electronically transferred to your primary care physician.

Certified and Licensed Doctors

There is no need to worry about whether the doctors on board the 1800 Doc On Call facility are qualified or not because all doctors that are on 1800 Doc On Call are US Board-Certified, state licensed and based in the US. If you like you can also take a look at the doctor’s profiles before consultation and then choose the doctor you would like to consult with.




The best part about the 1800 Doc On Call service is that it is easily affordable costing less than $1 a day. You get to call a doctor anytime of the day or night, all through the year for as little as $1 a day.

Additional benefits

With the 1800 Doc On Call facility you also get a host of other benefits including: Online Health Assessment, Online Fitness and Nutrition, Nurse Hotline, and Fresh Food Program.

So the next time you need to consult a doctor, the 1800 Doc On Call virtual house call facility is the one you need.


Official website: 1800doconcalloffer.com



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