2-In-1 Bark Away Review

Curb your dog’s barking with 2-In-1 Bark Away

If you want to prevent your pet dog from barking incessantly, the dog collar 2-In-1 Bark Away claims to do the trick in a safe and harmless manner. Pet owners often face the problem of correcting the dogs’ barking habits and wish to do that without being harsh on the dog. Corrective measures may seem like punishment but 2-In-1 Bark Away promises to make it anything but harsh.



It’s effective and easy to use

The 2-In-1 Bark Away is a dog collar so you just need to put it around your pet’s neck like a regular collar and choose from its two modes: vibration mode and sound. When the dog barks, if 2-In-1 Bark Away is set in the vibration mode it will vibrate automatically and quieten your dog down. Similarly, when in the sound mode, it will emit high frequency sound as soon as the dog barks so that it will dissuade the dog from barking further. There are believably three settings of vibration and sound frequency in 2-In-1 Bark Away – low, medium and high to adjust as per your dog’s need. You can set the frequency to high for a dog that barks a lot and needs more correction and low for a dog that has a minor problem.



Safe and gentle for your dog

2-In-1 Bark Away promises that the sound frequency or even vibrations are gentle and safe enough for your dog so you will effectively control the barking without harming the dog in any way. If the claims of 2-In-1 Bark Away are to be believed then it causes no shock or pain to the dog. What’s more, it claims that the nylon collar is adjustable and has a quick release clasp so it will fit your dog no matter what its size – whether a small pug or a German Shepherd. The 2-In-1 Bark Away is also said to be easy to clasp so you can easily choose when you want to use it on your dog to control its barking.


What do I get?
Get 2 2-Way Bark Away Collars for just $19.95 + $15.90 S/h. Official website 2in1Barkaway.com


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