2014 $50 Buffalo Proof

What is 2014 $50 Buffalo Proof – It is the recreation of the original $50 Buffalo Gold coin clad in 14mgs of 24 karat pure gold.
2014 $50 Buffalo Proof promises to make your dream of being the proud owner of the legendary $50 Buffalo Gold Coin come true. This coin is the proof of the original $50 Gold Buffalo coin, which is the purest gold coin ever made in the U.S. The original $50 Buffalo Gold coin was the first nickle ever struck by the American Government using .9999 fine 24 karat gold and was originally minted and used from 1913 to 1938. Now the 2014 $50 Buffalo Proof is meant to have its design based on the original famous Buffalo proof.


A Popular Rage with Collectors and Investors

2014 $50 Buffalo Proof is meant to be hugely popular with avid collectors and investors. And now you can apparently reserve the tribute of the $50 Buffalo Gold Coin with 2014 $50 Buffalo Proof, which is minted in 14mgs of 24 karat gold. One side of the non-monetary proof by National Collector’s Mint’s private is said to have James Earle Fraser’s American Buffalo against a mirror-like background and the other side bears Fraser’s iconic Native American Indian Head standing out in stunning relief.


Limited Coins Available

A hugely popular coin, the production of 2014 $50 Buffalo Proof had to be ceased after there was a shortage of gold blanks due to its big demand. And because of this lack of supply its price has shot up sky-high to as much as $3650 per piece. With gold price shooting up b 300% since 2003 possessing this coin had become rare believably till 2014 $50 Buffalo Proof was struck. It is said to be easy on the pocket because of which the stock runs out in a matter of few days.


Comes with Certificate of Authenticity

Every 2014 $50 Buffalo Proof comes with an exclusively numbered certificate to prove its authenticity to confirm that it is in deed clad in 14mg of 24 karat gold. This will believably give you the authentic feeling of being a part of the U.S history.


What do I get?

Purchase one 2014 $50 Gold Buffalo Tribute Proof today for $9.95 + $4.95 S&H. Official website: 2014buffaloproof.com

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