AirMax Pillow

Perfect nights sleep

Do you wake up almost every day with a stiff and sore neck or are you always tossing and turning in bed at night unable to sleep? Does your spouse get disturbed because of your incessant snoring? Well, now you and your partner can get a good and perfect night’s sleep with the all new AirMax Pillow from Restform.



Custom support

AirMax Pillow is a revolutionary pillow that claims to give you the most restful, restorative and perfect night’s sleep you have ever had. The Airmax Pillow is designed to give you custom support for your head, neck, and shoulders. This ensures your spine stays aligned in its natural curve so you get no headaches, backaches or shoulder pain.



Air infused microspheres

The secret of the AirMax Pillow is that it uses more than 65 million air-infused microspheres to respond to every movement of yours to instantly conform to your personal contours and to give your head, neck and shoulders the comfort and support it requires. These Air Infused Microspheres ensure the circulation of air, keeps your body cooler, supports the natural curve of your spine and lets you have a relaxed night’s sleep. The unique tri-chamber design always keeps the pillow in shape for soft support and gives you the most restful sleep no matter where you place your head.


Unique pillow

There is no other pillow than can touch the comfort and support that you get from the AirMax Pillow. With the AirMax Pillow you are guaranteed to get custom comfort and support. The AirMax Pillow will give you the most restful, restorative, comfortable night’s sleep every night.


Custom fit pillow

So no more wasting money on new mattresses when actually what you need is a new pillow. The AirMax Pillow is like a custom fit pillow designed just for you. The pillow is even great for the lower back, hips and even under your knees.


Deeper sleep

With the AirMax Pillow you are guaranteed to go to sleep faster and also sleep deeper than ever before. No more flipping your pillow looking for the cool spot because the AirMax Pillow stays cool all night.


What do I get?

  • 2 AirMax Pillows
  • 2 Double-sided Pillow Protectors

All this for just $59.95 + $29.90 S/h. Official website


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