Ankle Genie Reviews and Complaints | Zip Up Compression Sleeve Exposed

What is Ankle Genie

It is a revolutionary new zip up ankle compression sleeve that is designed to provide support for your feet and ankles all day long. Ankle Genie promises to reduce foot fatigue, while stimulating your foot and ankle. With Ankle Genie your ankles will get the comfort and support they need anytime, all day long. It features a built-in zipper and adjustable Velcro closure making it very ear to wear. No matter what you are doing Ankle Genie will give you the support and comfort you need 24/7.


Eases swelling and reduces inflammation

When you stand all day you could end up with swollen ankles and severe leg pain. Wearing Ankle Genie will help ease off any pain and discomfort that you are facing. Ankle Genie is designed to give your ankle the support it needs so as to ease the swelling and reduce inflammation so that the foot can heal.


Easy to slip on

Unlike other medical compression socks that are difficult to slip on, Ankle Genie is very easy to slip on. Ankle Genie is designed with a built-in zipper and adjustable Velcro closure that allows you to slip it on and off with ease. It also adjusts to your size.


Claims to be Versatile

The best part about the Ankle Genie zip up compression sleeve is that it can be worn over socks and can be worn with any shoe too to give you the comfort you need all day long. You can wear Ankle Genie with any type of shoe: athletic shoes, boots, socks or slippers.


Ankle Genie is also great to wear while playing sport. You can use Ankle Genie to get the ideal support and comfort you need while golfing, playing tennis, hiking, biking and more.


Ankle Genie is also a great way to reduce the swelling of ankles during airplane travel & more. You can also use Ankle Genie to get quick relief anytime your ankle swells from fluid retention, varicose veins or poor circulation.


Order your Ankle Genie zip up compression sleeve and get the support and comfort your foot and ankle needs anytime!


Ankle Genie is highly effective in providing support to weak ankle joints and also reduce the pain in the process. It also makes the swelling around the joint area to reduce. Ankle Genie provides a high level of comfort due to its revolutionary zipper and Velcro design which is also quite easy to apply. It also provides full motion flexibility due to its open toe and heel design. Ankle Genie is suitable for Ligament and Muscle Strains, Bursitis and Tendinitis.


Benefits of Ankle Genie over Nylon Compression Sleeves

Ankle Genie has a design that keeps in mind the comfort and movement of the wearer. Nylon Compression Sleeves are highly uncomfortable due to their “L” shaped design. It is difficult to slide it over the heel area and provide necessary cover to the ankle. It fails completely to provide support to the ankle and take any stress from it.

What do I get?

More info at the Official website:

Disadvantages of Ankle Genie:

What does Ankle Genie Does not tell you is whether it is antimicrobial. Compression sleeves tend to give out bad odor after long uses. The manufacturer of Ankle Genie also does not tell if the sleeve is machine washable and breathable. Also they don’t tell if the Ankle Genie is waterproof? The claim that Ankle Genie works on Varicose Veins is far-fetched. Only prescription based gradient compression stockings can help reduce Varicose veins.


Ankle Genie Alternatives

Foot Dr. Compression Ankle Sleeve is another compression sleeve that eliminates joint and muscular pain. Its gentle compression lets you use it all 24 hours, even while you sleep. It has a zipper for comfortable, snug wear and can be worn with any type of ankle support. Contoured to fit the bend of your ankle, it contains antimicrobial elements to curb the growth of bacteria. Foot Dr. remains hidden under a dress or athletic sock.

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  1. Has anyone tried the Ankle Genie? does it work?

    Is it unisex?

    Does it give out bad odor?

    Is Ankle Genie water-proof?

    Is it machine washable?

    Is it breathable?

    Is it toxic?

    How much pressure does it have?

    I walk/jog a few kilometers daily…is it good for me?

    Does it really relieve foot pain?

    Would you recommend this product to others?

    Is it a scam?

    • Where do you get it

      • You can look in my trash can. One size fits all is a absolute lie. Easy to slip on, another lie. Finally got them on my feet after having my wife help me for 15 minutes and started to zip up and the zipper broke. Way to small for anyone with larger feet.

    • I have tried a similar product like Ankle Genie. It’s ok as long as you don’t wear your with the sleeve. The zipper rubs against my foot and causes irritation.

    • Is Neoprene hazardous?
      Does Neoprene cause cancer?

    • Telebrand seems to be stooping really low just to earn a few extra bucks. My experience while buying Ankle Genie has been really disappointing and nightmarish. Every attempt was made to mislead me so I paid a lot more than what I am supposed to. I got first hand experience of bad business practices of Telebrand and will never forget it.

      I wanted to make a purchase with my credit card, so I called the number but I just heard a computer program asking me to carry out the payment process. I’d rather talk to a live attendant directly who can tell me what the total amount is with shipping and handling. I was naturally expecting that the computer program would do this before I gave them my credit card details but since that didn’t seem likely would happen, I thought it more sensible to discontinue.

      It is illogical to give any one a blank check into my account no matter how tempting the product seems. I got the feeling that I would be charged too much. I also had the reviews of others in mind and concluded that the price might be too high so I decided to avoid buying it and realised why they have automation. It’s to trap the unsuspecting customer to disclose all his credit card information without knowing exactly how much now he is going to pay along with shipping and handling.

      I feel it should be made mandatory for the merchant by law to ask the customer for permission to go ahead. Such sellers are preying on the gullible consumer who is already burdened with health issues, maybe even financial woes. These shrewd sellers know the trick to fleece customers, which is what they are doing for selfish gains.

      Any business that makes tall claims about the health benefits of its product to gain excitement may actually be lying. We need to watch out and just hope that merchants we deal with are honest and realize that being ethical is what ultimately pays. Meanwhile, I plan to make purchases from more reliable sources the next time I wish to buy an Ankle Genie or anything.

    • I have two of these Ankle Genies, it isn’t easily put on. I got them because my foot swells and hurts. Couldn’t get my foot through the opening. Guess I am just swollen, been looking for help with my feet. 🙁

  2. How would you know which size you would without any measurements lists.

    What size would the Regular be in inches or centimeters and the same question for the Large. Please Post.

    • Antoinette Cyphers | 30th November -0001 at 12:00 am | Reply

      One place you say one size fits all. And other it say’s regular and large. How do you know what size would be right for you?

  3. Their website says ” you’ll get a one size fits all Ankle Genie….” You know what that means.

  4. Where do you get Ankle Genie?

  5. Is there a similar product on etc…I don’t trust infomercial products

  6. So is it machine washable?…how durable is it……some of your ads say large and small size, others say one size fits all, which is it? How long would these things retain their usefulness? Your ads explain all the benefits and there’s always a downside and to have customer confidence in your product you need to explain possible drawbacks or your just another ” as seen on tv” ad and the majority of those after you read reviews are nothing but a give me your money and screw you. Do you have a way to contact your business to talk with a PERSON about possible problems with your product. I’ve ordered several of those “as seen on tv” promos and 95% of them are worthless and break shortly after purchase and come to find out there is no way to contact the company to address complaints so unless you expand some points in your ad I won’t bother with it.

  7. DO NOT order this. I ordered online Oct 18 2013. Luckily my card was not charged at the time. Received an Email saying would ship in 2-3 weeks. It never came. On Dec 27, 2013, I received a postcard saying “Thanx for the recent order but it was on back order and would ship in 3-4 weeks”. On Jan 24, 2014, I received another postcard that said “we cannot ship your product at this time so we canceled your order”. So they can’t fulfill the orders but they still show the commercials and you can still place an order on their website that states orders ship in 3-6 weeks. Save time and frustration and just stay away from them

  8. Do not use a debit card if you decide to purchase the ankle genie. I purchased one as a gift shortly after christmas. It was received in late January. Now just 2 days ago on February 12 my checking account shows money coming out for ankle genie again and I didn’t even order it a second time! Stay away from this unethical company!

  9. Terrible product. Do not buy. Zipper breaks after two weeks and they only have 30 day warranty. Rip off

    • I agree with Joan, it is a total ripoff. First, one size never fits all. Unless your ankles and legs are measured, only do you get the correct size. Quality is poor. The stitching on top is not stretchable. This makes it a tight fit that can cut off circulation. Stay away from this product, it is not worth it.

  10. I would stay away from this Ankle Genie product. I ordered in January, was charged in February, and received it in March. While not illegal to charge before shipping, it’s unethical.

    I got mine today and will be returning them tomorrow. One size does NOT fit all. The construction is poor with sharp nylon thread and velcro so strong it’s almost impossible to pull apart. I put the deluxe on and the zipper split and is now useless.

    Customer Service is a nightmare and the rep I had an the ones in the background made it sound like the call center is in India. The broken English made it very tough to understand the return instructions, but I finally got them.

  11. The one size fits all is a total lie. Easy to slip on or off is just another lie. It took me over 15 minutes to pull these on and when the zipper is zipped up it split off. Got to use on for one day and the next day it also split the zipper. I wear a man’s size 10 and they are much to small. I suffer from foot swelling and am dissappointed in the lack of quality.

    • Me too, I am disappointed also. Good luck with your foot problem, mine has been on going for a year and I have no broken bones, yet it feels like it.

  12. I ordered compression socks on 8/2/14. I needed elastic socks that came to the knee and got socks that were mid calf. I need instructions to return the ankle socks as they aren’t acceptable. I have already notified once about this, You have not acknowleged.

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