Atomic Beam Storm Trooper REVIEW

About Atomic Beam Storm Trooper

This compact emergency radio is loaded with features and can save your life. Atomic Beam Storm Trooper is easy to use. It has a built-in atomic bright flashlight that helps you see and be seen. It can tune in to AM, FM and weather band radio stations.

Atomic Beam Storm Trooper has a USB charging port that you can use to charge your phone during or after a storm. It’s on-board SOS light and alarm makes it easy to locate you. Atomic Beam Storm Trooper has 4-way charging with a powerful, rechargeable lithium ion battery, AAA batteries, built-in solar panel or manual cranking.


Atomic Beam Storm Trooper

Atomic Beam Storm Trooper Pros and Cons


Atomic Beam Storm Trooper is compact and has multiple uses and they all work.



The radio works fine as advertised. But to replace the battery it would cost over $40. When the battery goes out it would be cheaper in the long run to throw the radio away and buy another one (from another brand).

Atomic Beam Storm Trooper doesn’t look very strong. It would have been better if it was more of a robust/shock absorbent type casing.

Atomic Beam Storm Trooper should have been designed with an electrical charging cord, as the battery runs down pretty quickly and doesn’t run very long. So you have to remember to keep it charged prior to severe weather happening.

Atomic Beam Storm Trooper is not a bad device but could have been so much better with a few improvements.

It does not have an AC power charger. It only has three methods of charging: the hand crank which is a monster, a lot of work and could never seem to get results promised. The solar panel isn’t a lot better and nor is the USB port cable.

Atomic Beam Storm Trooper does not work as a phone charger.

The crank is not very effective at all to even charge the radio itself
Atomic Beam Storm Trooper cannot play music on a flash drive. The jacks are charge in and charge out.

It only lasts 20 minutes with the hand crank.



Atomic Beam Storm Trooper Verdict

Atomic Beam Storm Trooper is not a unique emergency radio. There are dozens of similar devices available online for those unexpected emergencies.

One such device is the Midland ER200, a close competitor to the Atomic Beam Storm Trooper. The Midland ER200 is also a hand crank digital weather alert radio and flashlight ideal for severe weather situations or daily use.
The price of the Midland ER200 starts from $37.99 on Amazon whereas the Atomic Beam Storm Trooper costs only $19.99. Midland ER200 has a rating of 4.2 out of 5 stars out of the 86 customer reviews on Amazon but the Atomic Beam Storm Trooper is not available on Amazon and so has no customer reviews.

Since there are no positive reviews on the Atomic Beam Storm Trooper, it would be wise to look out for similar alternatives on Amazon and not purchase it only for its reasonable price.

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