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About Atomic Power Cord

Atomic Power Cord claims to be a nine-foot industrial strength high-speed charging cable that can withstand the toughest punishment and will last a lifetime. Atomic Power Cord maintains that it features a unique steel-wrapped coil construction that ensures its flexibility and prevents it from breaking. Atomic Power Cord promises to never bend, break, or burst, and is built to last. Its connector ends are also welded tough so that they won’t break, regardless of how much you twist and bend.


Atomic Power Cord CLAIMS

Atomic Power Cord convinces that it uses Metal-clad (MC) cable to provide greater protection and help deliver longer-lasting usability. This claim can only be proved only after we analyze the Atomic Power Cord reviews.

Atomic Power Cord also states that it features ends with beefier welds (often performed with laser precision), which promise to withstand the forces associated with constantly plugging and unplugging electronic devices. Does Atomic Power Cord really work as promised? Send us your Atomic Power Cord review.

Atomic Power Cord also claims to deliver high-speed charging capabilities. At this point of time there are no Atomic Power Cord reviews to verify this claim.


Atomic Power Cord REVIEW

Winston Lamb says in his review of the Atomic Power Cord –“Unfortunately one of these has stopped working, only a couple months after buying them. I expect the other will go out also. I have to wiggle it to get it to connect, and it inevitably disconnects after a few minutes”.

Jessie Jefferson complains in her Atomic Power Cord review that the micro USB connectors are not of very high quality and do not fit snuggly enough to maintain the connection. She says this is quite different from the Ancher battery pack she purchased which is very high quality.

Adam Little is not happy with the Atomic Power Cord and writes in his Atomic Power Cord review- “One just falls right out of every port I put it into. It is of very low quality”.

Alan Andrews says in his Atomic Power Cord review- “Micro USB connectors fitting is too tight inside my devices, making it hard to pull them out”.

In his review of the Atomic Power Cord, Pete Mack states- “After three months of use it only charged my phone at certain angles and would come loose often”.

Evan Jennings writes in his Atomic Power Cord review- “Poor connector, it doesn’t stay plugged into phone”.

In his review of the Atomic Power Cord, Ken Castillo says- “The cable is great, however it has an integrated Velcro fastener to keep it coiled up, handy in a car when the cable is 2m long, so disappointed when the Velcro tab came unstuck the second time I used it”.

Christina Figueroa complains in her Atomic Power Cord review- “Anker removed the markings on the micro USB end (that are pictured here) so that I have to visually inspect the plug to insert it properly, rather than relying on the USB symbol that had been on previous versions of this product. This is a big mistake on Anker’s part”.

Natasha Vargas states in her review of the Atomic Power Cord – “If you are the type of person to use your phone while it is charging, this charger is not for you. These cables are advertised and braided for durable use but they did not pass the test. After 1.5 months both cables quit”.

Another user Owen Harper complains in his Atomic Power Cord review that the pins started folding flat lately and this is an issue because it leaves no retention into a device. He tried using a safety pin to pull up the pins and it stopped working.

Florence Luna tried the Atomic Power Cord and writes in her Atomic Power Cord review- “It is pretty pathetic that one of the two has been used lightly and already does not charge devices unless the cord is at a certain angle to ensure the micro USB side makes good connection”.


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