Bacon Basket

Tasty meals round the clock

It is said that Bacon Basket is an ingenious way to spice up your everyday meals with a twist of bacon. It is no secret that bacon is loved by all due to its scrumptious taste and amazing smell. Bacon Basket claims to take this kitchen fact to another level by facilitating you with a way to create bowls from bacon to stuff food and cook them tastier than any other meal you have had. Regular meals are boring especially for kids in the family and there has to be something new done every time to ensure they finish their meals. Bacon Basket promises to deliver a surprising tasteful of meals that are cooked throughout the day. Whether it is about cooking eggs in the morning which can be made delicious by serving it in Bacon Basket or about satiating the hunger by making LBT with Bacon Basket, it is said to work amazingly .



The easy and healthy way of cooking

The patented design of Bacon Basket is said to be promising when it comes to ease of cooking. The bowl like design is perfect for wrapping up the bacon and believably cooks it uniformly while collecting the excess grease and fat separately. This very fat can be then poured into a bowl hence separating it from the food creating a healthier meal every time. Bacon Basket claims to be designed to work perfectly well in a microwave, oven or even a toaster for cooking.



Get Creative

Bacon Basket is said to be functional not only when it comes to bacon but also can be made to cook a wide range of other food bowls for example bread. It is said that bread bowls can be easily made using Bacon Basket for pizza bites, stews, soups and much more. Also a healthy egg white turkey bacon bowl is possible to add to the endless possibilities due to the so called versatility of Bacon Basket.


What do I get?

  • 4 Bacon Basket Pans
  • 1 Everything is better in a Bacon Basket Cookbook

Price: $14.95 + $15.90 S/h | Official website: BuyBaconBasket.


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