Bake N Plate

What is Bake N Plate

It is a baking tin with removable tray for oven. It can be used to cook anything be it your meatloaf, potato bake, quiche, lasagna, rolled beef and much more. The tray removes fat and serves food the easy way, making your dishes healthier. Great presentation style is now simple to achieve!


Easy to Use

Bake N Plate is easy to use here all you need to do is prepare your food then bake it in your bake N Plate and remove it from the oven and you can serve it in the same dish. This will save you the hassle of transferring your food from the baking tray to the serving dish as this baking tin can be used as a serving dish too. You simply pour your mixture into a tray and bake – it’s that simple.


Bake N Tray has Several Advantages

If you have been thinking of some healthy cooking then Bake N Tray is what you need as it removes fat from your food and cooks your food evenly. Any kind of food can be made be it your beef roll or stuffed aubergines. Its non slip coating helps you bake for food with an ease that makes cooking a pleasure.


Bake N Plate helps you serve amazing healthy food with no fat. Great presentation style that you always worked so hard on has become easier with the bake n plate.


What do I get?

Get Bake’n Plate for just £19.99 + S/h. Official website:

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