Bandy Bag REVIEW | RFID Blocking Bag As Seen On TV

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What is Bandy Bag?

It is a resourcefully designed genuine leather sling bag featuring RFID blocking technology with four zippered pockets, slots and more.

What does Bandy Bag CLAIM to do?

Safety of Essentials and Comfort Guaranteed
Bandy Bag promises to ease the way you go about anywhere carrying everyday essential item like cash, cards and more. Made from genuine lambskin leather that’s soft, high quality and also strong, this bag strives to keep the articles you need within easy reach in its four zippered pockets, built-in wallet with slots for identity cards, credit cards, money, etc. In addition, Bandy Bag has been crafted to also look stylish and smart besides maximizing convenience and promptness besides doubling as the perfect over the shoulder organizer.

Hi-tech Feature that Ensures Safety and More
Bandy Bag, according to its manufacturers, isn’t just for convenience and fashion. It has been incorporated with special RFID blocking facility which shields your cards from anti-social elements who misuse technology and steal sensitive information directly from cards. Further, the bag is of optimal size which enhances comfort, allowing you to also wear it over your shoulder or across the body. Bandy Bag is available in three colours, viz. black, red and camel that you can choose from.

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