What is a BlingDots

– BlingDots are a technologically advanced invisible earring support that relives the weight and pressure of your earrings, lifting them up on the ear lobe and positioning them perfectly. BlingDots work perfectly with your clip-on earrings and your favorite pins, brooches and badges too. These innovative and disposable jewelry supports relieve the pressure and weight of your earrings and position them perfectly.


Easy to Use

BlingDots are easy to apply, as the discreet backs are made with a cushiony-soft, hypoallergenic foam. BlingDots won’t irritate your skin – they use a pressure-sensitive adhesive and a post-hugging grip to position earrings face forward while adding extra security when you wear them.


BlingDots are simple and easy to use. For example, just peel off the backing and place the adhesive side to the back of your ear lobe, making sure to cover the earring hole. Push your earring post in your ear lobe and straight through BlingDots. Place the earring’s back on as you would normally and watch your earrings sparkle. BlingDots may also be applied by first pushing the earring post or hook through the ear piercing and then pushing the Bling Dots onto the post or hook and up against the ear tissue. Alternatively, you can place the BlingDots to the earring backings prior to sliding the backing onto the post.



Not only does it promise to work as an earring support but also works with pins, brooches and badges. Just affix a BlingDots to your clothing and push post through material and a BlingDot, then affix backing as usual. To give your clothing added support and protection; place a BlingDot on the front and on the back of the fabric and then insert the post through your BlingDot and the material and affix the backing.


BlingDots Promise

BlingDots promises to provide the perfect combination of gentle, hypoallergenic foam with a pressure sensitive adhesive to deliver strength and support to the ear lobes and earrings, as well as to support lapel pins and brooches. Comprised of specially engineered polymeric foam, BlingDots are easy to pierce yet highly resistant to tearing. They deliver exceptional strength to support the weight of your jewelry, yet provide a cushioned softness for remarkable comfort.


Women with stretched earring holes can now wear pierced earrings with comfort and confidence, and those who once needed clip-ons to wear heavier earrings can once again wear pierced earrings. Forget tugging, pulling or tilting – your earrings will ride high and look better than ever before.


What do I get?

  • 45 pairs of BlingDots
  • 1 surprise Jewelry Gift
  • 1 BlingDots Storage Case

All this for just $10 plus $5.99 shipping and handling. Official website:

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