Bunion Bliss Socks

What are Bunion Bliss: They are comfort socks that can offer you bunion support and pain relief.


Bunion Bliss have been created for the benefit of those who suffer on account of bunions on their feet. If you have had to deal with bunions then you know how difficult and painful things can get for you. You might have also tried several products in the market to try and get relief but to no avail. Moreover several products meant to offer you pain relief are cumbersome to use. But Bunion Bliss socks are meant to be convenient and quite effective as well.


Bunion Bliss has an orthotic gel that works for pain relief

These socks have super soft, permanently applied orthotic gel pad that can work as a cushion around the bunion area. Thus you can imagine the instant support and comfort you feel while wearing Bunion Bliss. These socks also have a toe-separating cushion that avoids toe crowding and there is no painful friction between the toes. That’s the reason when you are wearing these socks not only do you not feel any pain but you feel utmost comfort too, according to its claims.


Bunion Bliss socks are boosted by other features too

While the built in soothing makes you feel a lot better and get relief from bunion related pain, there are other features that it can boast of for your comfort. For example, it is also said to have Metatarsal cushion, which will be of great support to you. Bunion Bliss socks are also known to give you medial arch support and that’s another advantage. Thus you get all round, comprehensive pain relief and support when you are wearing these socks that seem to be specially designed for your convenience.


Bunion Bliss socks are quite suited for everyday use

In fact you can wear them all day around and you will keep getting pain relief thanks to these socks. Bunion Bliss socks are also said to be hypo-allergenic and latex free, which means they are completely safe for your regular use. You will also find that they are machine washable, saving you a lot of hassle. You can find Bunion Bliss socks in two sizes and two colours to make your choice.


>What do I get?
3 Pairs of Bunion Bliss socks for just $10.00 plus $20.97 S/h. Total $30.97. Official website: BunionBliss.com

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