Burger Blaster

Smartly designed burger maker for burgers in five minutes

Burger Blaster promises burger lovers they can now make juicy, yummy burgers all by themselves in just five minutes in the oven. Burger Blaster features a patented design of two trays placed over each other. Burgers and patties are made at the top while grease and fat flow and get collected in the tray at the bottom.



No need of pan frying or stove to make burgers

Burger Blaster helps you make perfect burgers in your oven without messy pan frying. You don’t need to cook on a stove either, which creates a mess that isn’t any less than pans. The makers guarantee that all you have to do is place ingredients in the tray and keep it in the oven. You delicious, healthy and inviting burgers will be ready in a matter of only five minutes without pan frying or stove cooking.

Makes healthy, juicy burgers

Burger Blaster has facilitated for oil and grease full of fats to be gently removed from burgers and get collected in the bottom tray. It makes your burgers brown and moist, which are tasty as well as healthy. This feature is promoted as one of the highlights that health-conscious people who love good food will find too tempting to resist.



Perfect to make a variety of burgers

Try Burger Blaster to prepare lean and regular burgers, turkey burgers, chicken burgers and more as it guarantees it will help you make any of them and more perfectly. It claims to make perfectly browned and perfectly cooked tasty burgers whenever you want. Since it takes just five minutes, you can make loads of them for your whole family in a get-together.

Easy clean up

Burger Blaster makers claim that it not only cooks great burgers in a jiffy but is also easy to clean up without any mess or hassles. You just need to empty the drained out fat in the tray at the base and wipe it clean or simply put it in the dishwasher for safe clean up.


What do I get?


Official website: BuyBurgerBlaster.com

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