Catch-a-Light Jar

What is Catch-a-Light Jar – It is a decorative jar with LED lights like fireflies to give you the dancing glow of fireflies anytime and anywhere.


Get the summer shimmer of fireflies anytime

Catch-a-Light Jar promises to dazzle you if you love the glittering and shimmering fireflies. Almost everyone loves catching fireflies and keeping them in a jar at home. It’s just the perfect thing to do in summers. But, unfortunately the bugs die and you don’t always manage to catch them. However, now you can believably get the pleasure of having fireflies right in your house with Catch-a-Light Jar, a decorative jar that is said to give you the same effect as fireflies in a jar with its shiny LED lights.


You decide when and where to make the fireflies glow

One of the most attractive features as claimed by Catch-a-Light Jar is that it has an on and off switch that lets you decide when and where you want to have the firefly effect. Catch-a-Light Jar is said to make a great bedside lamp or night light that will please you and your kids or you can even use it as a quirky decorative item in your patio. It is said to make a great decorator anywhere else inside or the house – like the walkway or the garden. Catch-a-Light Jar claims to be so pretty that kids will love to have it by their bedsides and even smoothly glide into slumber looking at the beautiful blinking lights. Adults love it for the decoration and it gives entertaining glow to even your guests for hours.


Hours of economic glowing

Catch-a-Light Jar promises to be easy on your pocket in spite of having strong LED lights. You apparently need just one AAA battery to operate it and to let you save on even that money it claims to work on solar energy also. No matter what mode you choose, Catch-a-Light Jar promises to glow for hours with just a shake of the jar to activate it. Or to get a more natural feeling, you can supposedly also set it on the sensor mode and it’ll light up automatically after the sun goes down just like real fireflies glow naturally.


What do I get?Get 2 Catch-a-Light jars for just $19.95 plus $15.90 P&H. Official website:

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