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13 Comments on "Chop Magic Chopper Review"

  1. “Trustworthyreviews.net” is not trust worthy at all! All you did was reiterate what the infomercial said! LAME.

    • Melissa….you need to scroll down through the ads in this review. He DOES critique this unit. An honest review, and not a favorable one at that. I’m not buying! Glad I found this review. Not a lame review….a lame product. 🙁

  2. Has anyone tried it?

    Does it julienne carrots?

    Where is it made?

    • Waste of money. Complete rip-off

      The commercial of the Chop Magic may project it as a fabulous tool to have in the kitchen, but it only promises but does not deliver. The return policy it follows seems no less than a rip-off either. It may break right after the first use and even if it does work by slicing something, it would break again. Even shipping it to the seller will cost you a whopping $14.50.

      Don’t be surprised if, after placing an order for Chop Magic, it arrives after two months or so. The purchase of Chop Magic, which should cost $35.85 for everything will actually cost over $100. There are reports of being billed $81.24 on the card (e.g. Master card Plus) along with $20.55 as COD. Returning Chop Magic using the money back guarantee if not satisfied seems the best option to get rid of the thing.

  3. Substandard quality chopper

    The delay in the arrival of Chop Magic long after placing the order is frustrating. And after it does make it to your address, it disappoints with its unsatisfactory performance. It doesn’t chop as it claims. What’s more, the plastic used to make it seems of cheap quality and the blades are made very cheaply too. Chop Magic may cut and chop, but not as easily as it appears in the commercial.

    Chopping potatoes with Chop Magic may make you feel it will break as you have to push potatoes pretty hard through it. It doesn’t seem to be a good quality chopper. It’s not worth its cost and the extra shipping they make you pay is unfair.

    Chopping onions on Chop Magic is the worst experience. A chopper as an attachment came with Chop Magic has to be literally pounded on the top to get to chop the onion. You will have to slice the onions beforehand in order to chop it in Chop Magic. It seems chopping ingredients with a knife would be better than relying on Chop Magic. It is a complete waste of time, efforts and money.

  4. It completely fell apart the first time I used it. Changed to the other grid and it fell apart. Totally a piece of junk.

  5. The set up pictures don’t look anything like the parts I received, don’t know if I actually received what I had ordered, least learned.

  6. Received my Chop Magic Chopper today and I tested it with several items. So far, it works well and cut everything with one push. I’ll re-post if I experience any difficulties.

  7. This Chop Magic Chopper USELESS it squishes the vegetables and they don’t pass through I even resorted to standing on it to force them through! Still didn’t work, its now in my TRASH.

  8. Purchased mine from Walmart for $19,95. I did not need two choppers and the return policy is better, just in case. Using the dicing blade: potatoes sliced very nicely into french fries, onion needed to be trimmed to fit width of cutter and I ended up having to pound the top to get it through–the top rounded part never did cut and there where long big chunks I had to re-cut, celery sticks cut nicely, bell peppers need both ends cut first or its stuck like the onion. Dicing blade I have not used. Still wondering how to SLICE into wide pieces like in commercial–apple, cucumber, etc. Over all, unless it breaks soon, I will keep it, if not for the quick potato cutting alone. Will not put the blades in dishwasher–it ruins other blades over time so not chancing it with this.

  9. It was very good you gave your name and I can write a review,. I have to say that I bought one of those Chop Magic Chopper gadgets at RiteAid and it is a complete failure. When I pushed down, the blades disassembled and I almost cut my fingers. Unfortunately, I lost my sales ticket and I cannot take it back.

    I want you to personally send me the address of the company so I can send it back and have my money returned. It is so unfair that people advertise faulty products and become millionaires selling gadgets that not only do not work but are dangerous.

  10. This is not what they advertised on tv. The blade broke down and the price they charge is not worth for this cheap quality product.
    First of all it costed me $70 to get this product, when I called the customer care the lady was very rude and she hunged up on me, There was $50 gift card in the box when I called to claim that they said its not applicable in Canada.Their product Their service sucks. Before advertising their product they should learn how to create nice product and should do the same whatever they are advertising.

    I will never recommend this product to anyone. I am supermad with their service,I told the lady who was on the phone that I will put a review about your company she said go ahead.

    If they have zero star are any negative star I would give that unfortunately they don’t have so I have to give 1 star but they don’t worth 1 star too

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