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11 Comments on "Comfi Heels Orthotic Insoles"

  1. Has anyone tried the Comfi Heel insoles? are they any good?

    • Ordered Comfi Heel in Nov 2013, by Jan 2014, it is supposedly backordered still. Called them twice, got put on priority list, got expedited order, still on back order. What’s worse, never got notification that it’s on back order. They force you to take some other type of order ie magazine subscription service, etc, that you can cancel after 30 days, no paperwork on that either and then got a charge to my cc. I don’t think this is very reliable. Would be interested to find out if anyone actually used it and if it worked. Otherwise, I got insolia inserts and they work fine for me. Same price and got them within a week.

  2. Hi, Just wondering if you can order these in Australia?

  3. I have been wearing Comfi Heels for about 6-8 months and I can honestly say that they are amazing. I dance salsa every Friday night and if I don’t wear my Comfi Heels my feet are so painful at the end of the night after literally dancing my feet off. However slip in a pair of Comfi Heels and I can keep going with no foot pain and the next day you would never know I had been dancing! I recommend these to every woman who wears high heels.

  4. ComfiHeels have been a real discovery. They are great. I have been wearing them now for about 3 weeks in both heels and flats and I have managed to wear 2.5inch heels all day without any pain. I will soon purchase a second pair in case I lose the one I have… I don’t think I could go without them.

  5. I am a new convert, they fitted my shoes perfectly and you can re use in other pairs. My husband loves them too as I am happy dancing all night with him now, pain free! A wonderful product, highly recommend.

  6. Thanks Comfi Heels – I have been re-introduced to my high heels! I can now wear my dressy shoes all night long and even dance in them. Excellent product, highly recommended.

  7. Ive been wearing ComfiHeels for almost a year now.
    They make such an amazing difference to how long I can wear my beloved high heels – reduce overall footache and backache and most importantly for me, put less stress on my bunions.
    Recommend for anyone who wants to wear heels for longer !

  8. After 20 years of arch and foot pain, this product has finally given me relief. The orthotics are simple to use and easily transferable between different shoes.

  9. I am on my feet all day. Not only am I a mother of 2 young children, I run my own ballet school which runs 6 days a week, as well as a church toddle group and an annual charity dance competition. It’s fair to say I am on my feet 24/7! I was first introduced to Comfi Heels in April, I now have 3 pairs! I wear them not only in my 4inch stilettos but also in my flats and my ballet shoes & tap shoes. After a hard day teaching dance for 8hrs they make a huge difference to my feet x They do not ache!!!!!!!Amazing product highly recommended.

  10. Zero stars this product does not meet any of the claims they make. In fact within a few hours I had to take them out because they hurt me in the arch. Don’t waste your money.

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