ComfiShape Skirt

What is ComfiShape:

They are leggings with a skirt that help you put your best foot forward every time you step out of the house.
ComfiShape has been created with the idea of giving women the spring in their step when they go out wearing leggings. It has been an uncomfortable experience for many women, especially if you have problem zones that you would like to be hidden. But now it’s possible for women to feel comfortable and confident in their leggings, according to the claims made by ComfiShape. It is supposed to be ideal for your everyday wear or for special occasions too.


ComfiShape works on your problem areas and confidence

Do you have to worry about covering your thighs, bottom or any other trouble areas when you usually wear your leggings? What if you were told that ComfiShape could seamlessly shape these problem areas so that you get smooth and flattering curves? Now you can feel like a million bucks when you are out wearing these leggings. ComfiShape have also been specially designed and are one inch longer at the back. Hence they end up giving you the coverage you look for when you go out wearing leggings.


Versatile to use

They can be used by women who want to dress up for an occasion or you can wear them casually for a dress down outing. ComfiShape promises to be a stylish, all in one design, versatile piece of clothing in your wardrobe. For a regular outing you can team it up with sneakers or flats. But it can also be teamed up with sandals, knee high boots or even heels for that matter. They are ideal for dressing up but comfortable enough to be worn all day round, even when you are at home.



Comfortable to wear

They are known to have their benefits for women who are on the go and want to feel comfortable wearing leggings. But a lot has to be said about the quality of ComfiShape as well. According to claims, they never pill or stretch out. Moreover they are not likely to feel too tight when you are wearing them. Thus you can walk out comfortably and in style in ComfiShape.


What do I get?

2 ComfiShape Skirts for $19.95 plus $15.90 P&H. Official website: | Available in XS(2-4), S(6-8), M(10-12), L(14-16), XL(18-20), XXL(18W+) sizes.


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