Comfy Combs by Scunci

Do your hair up fast and easily with Comfy Combs by Scunci

Comfy Combs by Scunci is apparently a styling breakthrough that will let you do up your hair in style within 30 seconds without pulling and breaking it. Regular hair bands leave a lot to desire. They pull at your hair and break and damage them also causing you a lot of pain. More often than not you are also hard pressed for time to do up fancy hairstyles. These traditional bands also stretch and break very easily so you need to replace them again and again. But Comfy Combs by Scunci promises to do away with all of these problems and is believably very easy to use – all you need to do is slide the comb into your hair, stretch and your hair will be up.


It’s stylish, comfortable to wear and won’t damage your hair

Just how many styles can your band give you anyway? Comfy Combs by Scunci promises to let you create dozens of different hairstyles within seconds – from smart and sexy to elegant and sporty and whether it is the peacock twist, regular pull back or presto pony. Comfy Combs is believably the thing you need whether you are a dancer, gymnast, a sportsperson or even a model because it doesn’t fall out and you can even wear it under your helmet. Comfy Combs by Scunci also claims to work great for any length of hair (short, shoulder length or long), any kind – curly, straight, sleek). And the secret for this lies in its ForeverFlex – an exclusive formula as claimed by the makers – that has silky smooth surface that prevents hair from denting, tangling or even breaking unlike regular bands. Comfy Combs by Scunci also claims that taking the comb out of your hair is just as tangle free and that the comb will never stretch, snap or go out of shape.


What do I get?
3 Black AND 3 Assorted Color ComfyCombs from Scunci. Price: $26.95 + $7.95 shipping & handling. Official website

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