Comfy Core Pillow

Comfy Core Pillow- the solution to restless nights

Regular pillows seem to provide the support we need while sleeping but they don’t guarantee a comfortable, painless sleep. Comfy Core Pillow is launched as the perfect solution to the problem of discomfort and restless sleep that affects most of us. It is launched as a special pillow that combines the support of memory foam with the softness of feather down. The makers of this pillow in fact confidently call it the best pillow you will ever use on account of the various advantages it offers over other pillows.

Unique stay cool memory foam

It is claimed that the secret behind Comfy Core Pillow is its Pillow’s specially designed stay cool memory foam. According to its makers, it is one of the highlights that supposedly give it an edge over others. The foam is surrounded by a luxurious, poly-fill, ultra-plush shell that together offer support and comfort for a better and more soothing sleep.

Soft and even structure

Memory foam pillows provide you support but they feel quite hard and so seem uncomfortable. On the other hand, there are down pillows which feel soft, but they always end up going flat. But you are assured that Comfy Core Pillow is soft and does not turn hard, hence it seems to offer the best of both. Comfy Core Pillow is available in two sizes, king and queen for you to select from.

Supports entire body

The design of Comfy Core Pillow apparently supports your entire body. When you rest on it, your muscles relax and your neck and back are properly aligned too which is essential in keeping discomfort at bay. According to the designers of Comfy Core Pillow, this pillow ensures that your body lies in such a way that there’s no pain or discomfort and you wake up feeling fresh, unlike what other pillows offer.


What do I get?
Select from:

  • Comfy Core Pillow Queen size ($19.99 + $6.99 S/h)
  • Comfy Core Pillow King size ($29.99 + $6.99 S/h)

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