What is ConvecTop?

ConvecTop is a cookware that helps cook food evenly by capturing heat through venturi channels. It is made of cast aluminum and has ceramic non-stick coating.


Transforms cooking completely

ConvecTop is an innovative-looking cookware that claims to help you cook food perfectly all over and seal in flavor. It promises to transform your stovetop into a gourmet style convection oven cooker in a way that you’ll never want to go back to traditional stovetop cooking again.


Cooks deliciously tender and juicy foods

ConvecTop promises that it retains natural juices of foods that keep them moist and tasty. Most cookware can’t and no matter how good a cook one may be, there’s always a chance that it may come out hard and dry. ConvecTop guarantees with full confidence that it prevents that from happening as its design traps the excess heat outside the pan through Venturi channels that step up the hot air up to 600 degrees into powerful spirals. It seals in the moisture and simultaneously cooks food faster.


Healthy food guaranteed

Unlike ordinary cook tops that can burn and dry food, ConvecTop uses a unique riser to lift food off the pan, which prevents food from burning and pulls it out of the fat below, which makes your food healthy and fat-free.


Protects your stovetop from mess

Normal cookware generally don’t cook well and also mess up the cooking area. But ConvecTop promises that it eliminates the splatter that spoils your cooking area even as it ensures even, healthy and delicious cooking.


Conserves heat and helps save big

ConvecTop guarantees that once you start using it, you will start saving not only 50% heat but also money. Its makers state that it is designed to capture heat which goes unused and wasted in traditional stovetop cooking.



Fits all pans

ConvecTop comes with a handle cut-out, which is meant to ensure a compatible fit with all pans. It can also be used in different ways like placing it on a grill to try something new.


Easy to clean

ConvecTop is made of solid cast aluminum with ceramic non-stick coating, which makes it easy to clean. It can also be placed in a dishwasher to clean it without any risk of damage.



Get 1 Convectop and 1 9-inch ceramic non-stick frying pan for $39.95 plus $19.90 S&H. Official website:

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  1. This thing is so simple & it works! All the heat that is going around the pan is redirected onto the good, amazing.

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