Curlicue Hair Curling Wand

What is Curlicue – Curlicue is an innovative hair curling wand that curls your hair salon style right at home in a matter of minutes.


Curls your hair perfectly right at home within seconds

If you are tired of wasting time and effort on curling your hair at home but do not get the desired effect then Curlicue, the hair curling wand, claims to bring you relief. To get the perfect curls you usually need to go to the salon and spend quite a pretty penny and time going there. Or then when you need to curl your hair urgently and prefer doing it at home, it takes forever and you don’t even get the perfect curls. But Curlicue promises that using it can give you salon like curls right in the comfort of your home within a few minutes.



Special curling barrel and gentle heat do the trick

Curlicue supposedly gives you the professional curls at home because of its special design. Curlicue has a special curl guide wand that channels your hair into the curling barrel so that you get perfect rings every time you use it. It supposedly also gives a gentle heat setting so that you can comfortably get the sexy bounce you have always wanted. The curling barrel is also cool to touch so that you do not burn your hair accidentally like it happens in many hair irons and curlers.



Swivel cord for comfortable movements

The biggest bane of a traditional curler is that it often messes your hair by entangling them. But Curlicue promises to not let such a thing happen with its special swivel cord that gives you easy maneuvre so that your hair doesn’t entangle and you save yourself from time wastage and pain. Within a few seconds you will apparently get full-bodied, bouncy, gorgeous and defined curls.


Works on all types of hair

Whether you have straight hair or slightly curly, Curlicue claims to work well on any kind. Short hair, shoulder length or long hair you can supposedly get an amazing style with Curlicue any time.


What do I get?Get Curlicue Hair Curling Wand for just $19.99 plus $7.99 shipping and handling. Official website


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