Draft Defender REVIEW

What is Draft Defender– It is sturdy vinyl roll that is an easy and economic way to keep the strongest drafts out so that heat stays inside your house during winter and cool air inside during summer. Draft Defender claims to keep the strongest of drafts out of the house so that your house stays heated during winters and cool during summers while you save money on utility bills. And it is said to do this with just a vinyl roll.



Draft Defender CLAIMS

Sturdy enough to keep strongest drafts out – Draft Defender is supposed to be made of sturdy vinyl so it can effectively keep the draft out no matter how strong it is. Because of that you will apparently have cool rooms during summers because the hot draft will stay out and heated rooms during winters because cold will not enter the room after being blocked by Draft Defender.


Saves money on installation and utility bills – So far the only way for anyone to keep the house warm was to install heaters. But the installation itself is expensive and the utility bills that you receive thereafter can be so pinching too. But Draft Defender is supposed to be helpful in both these counts. Apparently there are no hardware materials needed to fix Draft Defender. All you need to do is peel off the backing and stick the vinyl roll to the bottom of the door. You don’t need any energy for Draft Defender to work so you save a lot on your utility bills too.


Can be used on any door – Draft Defender is said to be compatible with any door in the house. Each Draft Defender roll is said to be 36 inches long so you can cut it to fit the bottom of any door you need. Also, Draft Defender is supposed to have a clear design so you can apply it to any door and it will blend in and and go unnoticed on an style of door. Since it is usable on any door in the house you can apply it on unused rooms and closets so that you don’t spend money on heating those rooms with heaters.


What do I get?
Get 2 Draft Defender Rolls for $10 plus $15.90 p&h. Official website: BuyDraftDefender.com

Draft Defender REVIEW

Following are a few excerpts from Draft Defender user review:

“The Draft Defender is cheap and useless. The hooks of the Draft Defender are made of plastic and may break as soon as you try to shut the door the first time.”

“The Draft Defender doesn’t stay in place. Even when the Draft Defender was where it is supposed to be it didn’t block the draft.”

“The clips don’t hold on to the door so you will have to return the Draft Defender.”

“The magnetic hooks of the Draft Defender are too thick for the doors. There is no way to use the Draft Defender if your doors aren’t at least inches wide.”

“The clips are too big and it doesn’t fit on the door. It also leaves gaps between clips so the draft just goes in between the spaces.”

“The Draft Defender’s metal bar clips do not hold tightly to the door frame and instead drag along the floor when the door is opened and closed. It may even scratch your floors. The Draft Defender is not worth the money.”

“The Draft Defender’s metal clips are very loose and of different opening angles. They end up sitting on, and being dragged across the floor.”

“Three clips of the Draft Defender that are supposed to hold the pillow to the door are too wide. They slide right off the door and drag along the ground when the door is opened and closed.”

“The tube is thin and poorly insulated and the magnets do not hold it to a metal door. You can get a much thicker draft stopper for half the price and add your own Neodymium (rare earth) magnets from the big box home repair stores. You’ll get a much better product for less money.”

“As soon as the door is swung open the Draft Defender falls off the door and is pushed it into the room, or the door just slides over the stopper. When the door is closed, you have to pick up the Draft Defender and re-attach it to the door.”

“The Draft Defender clips do not work on exterior doors!”

“The clips scratched and damaged the thinnest of doors and the magnets are barely strong enough to keep the stuffed pouch leaning against the door.”

“Draft Defender is worthless. The Draft Defender clips broke and the magnet isn’t strong enough. The clips will only hold if you have no edge near your door. The magnets kind of hold it to the door if it is metallic but the stopper has to be flushed with the floor, which won’t work if you have a door mat.”

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