Dryward deep cleans and protects your car against extreme conditions

No need to lug hoses, wax or detergent or pay for carwash when you can use Dryward. This claim is made by the waterless car cleaner manufacturers who also add that Dryward not only cleans the car without using water but also does not scratch paint. You just need to spray the Dryward solution and wipe the surface of the car with a cloth to take the grime away. Dryward is said to work like magic because of its super concentrated silicones that are believably extremely effective in penetrating, collecting and lifting the dirt molecules off the surface of the car. The car cleaner further protects the surface with an invisible and extremely smooth shield that keeps dirt, grime, bird droppings, winter road salt and even the heat of the sun at bay as goes the claim. You can then drive your car in any condition including through the muck without spoiling the car’s surface.



It saves money and time

You no longer would need to invest in car waxes or detergents or even send the whole car for a wash when all you need to do is get rid of water spots. Dryward cuts through the long drawn 9-step process in a carwash centre and you can get clean and showroom shiny car in just two steps and it also promises to let you go for months between two washes. It apparently works great on plastic, metal, chrome, rubber and even glass so you can use the spray on all parts of the car, like the bumper, around headlights and on the plastic trim. Dryward also claims to prevent white build up unlike wax or any other residue like normal methods since it is clear in nature. Dryward is said to be so potent that it can get rid of even the toughest of break dust on the most difficult parts like the wheels.


What do I get?

  • 1 Dryward
  • 1 Dryward clear screen
  • 1 auto vacuum
  • 1 instant scratch remover
  • 4 microfiber cloths

All this for just £39.95 + S/h. Official website ISLShop.co.uk


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