Dualuxe is a cushion to be used as a seat to get adaptable support to the back and bottom while sitting. The Dualuxe makers promise you that it provides the ultimate and perfect support to your back, legs and bottom on account of the smart features it uses. It has an advanced gel core that offers perfect adaptability to your body and takes the tension off your back, legs and bottom while reducing the body’s impact on muscles and joints. It has been designed to distribute your weight evenly to avoid uncomfortable pressure and stress. Its construction, according to the makers, ensures your body rests on the cushion perfectly that takes pressure off your body. That means it provides maximum cushioning and support between your body and the seat.

Efficient technique in construction and selection of material

Dualuxe claims that it uses two layers of high density foam and one inner gel bag, which make it adapt to your shape. That is supposed to make you feel comfortable even if you sit really long. You are assured that you can place it on any surface, however hard it may be, and yet not feel any discomfort even if you continue sitting longer. It keeps you cozy with its soft cushioning and adaptable design. It uses materials like fleece and polyester cover, which are known to help your seat stay cool in summer and warm in winter.

Perfect comfort anywhere anytime throughout

The makers of Dualuxe promise that it will free you of all the tension and pressure on your back, legs and bottom. People who need to work long hours sitting before a computer or anywhere will find it especially useful as it makes normal seats comfortable for as long as you sit on it.

Portable and convenient to use

Dualuxe is lightweight and so portable. It can be carried outside easily and used while travelling in car or even truck. Try Dualuxe as it might be the perfect solution to the discomfort you sense while seated almost anywhere.


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  1. I wish to purchase one of these Dualuxe pillows for my elderly mother who cannot sit for too long with pain. So please can you tell me if this is sold in Australia. I await your response with anticipation.


    • Hi Susie, in case you are still looking to purchase this cushion in Australia, I saw them today (17/04/2014) in my local Woolworths store (in Kensington, Melbourne) on sale for $15 (was $29). Worth having a look in your local Woolworths supermarket. Cheers 🙂

  2. this is not a review! all you are writing is what the manufacturer claims about his product. I would like to read genuine reviews from people who purchased the product and their comments.

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