Dusk to Dawn Lights REVIEW

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What are Dusk to Dawn Lights?

As per the infomercial, they cost-effective bulbs that light up automatically in the dark and switch off with the first daylight to help save money and keep the house safe. Dusk to Dawn Lights promise to be an automatic bulbs that comes with a built-in photoelectric eye that detects when the light is needed. Such a mechanism does sound fantastic but we will know for sure once users review it.


Dusk to Dawn Lights CLAIMS

Automatic light – Dusk to Dawn Lights guarantees that it requires no timers or programming and turns on at night on its own and switches off during the day without the need to even flip a switch. Will such a unique function add to the safety of the house? User reviews will reveal the truth.

Exclusive features – Dusk to Dawn Lights asserts to be designed to fit all types of bulb holders so that it can be used around the house and in the exteriors with ease. It states to have a brightness capability of a 60-watt bulb but takes only 1/10th of its power to reduce electricity cost. Such far-fetched claims made by Dusk to Dawn Lights will be only verified once users send us their reviews.

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