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What is Dutch Glow

– It is a furniture polish that removes years of wax and dirt build up on your furniture. It brings your furniture to its original luster by nourishing and restoring it. Dutch Glow furniture polish has been created to offer you a way around the nuisance of thousands of wood polishes that promises you shining furniture but all it does is accumulate more layers of polish and gives your furniture a false shine. Dutch glow promises to restore and return your wood to its new form by removing the dirt and wax that has been built up.


Benefits of Using Dutch Glow

Dutch Glow reveals the wood’s natural beauty by removing years of wax buildup. The best part is that it can be used on any wooden surface. You can use Dutch Glow on oak, cherry, maple, teak or any painted surface to restore it to its original beauty. Dutch Glow uses a one hundred year old Amish wood milk formula that not only cleans, polishes and nourishes your furniture but also helps repel dust that settles on them. If you have given up on that impossible to remove water ring on your favorite table here’s news for you, Dutch Glow will easily remove those hard to remove and embarrassing water marks with an expertise that is found only in this finest furniture polish.


You can use Dutch glow in your kitchen too. It does wonders on your cabinets by removing smoke stains, cooking grease and finger prints that have build up overtime.


Safe on your wood

Dutch glow would never ruin your furniture with silicon spray or paste wax that will leave a sticky residue attracting dirt and dust. People who deal with the finest cabinetry and hardwood flooring have also recommend Dutch Glow to their customers; this shows the reliability of this furniture polish that is made using the traditional Amish wood milk formula. You clean your wood less often when your wood is cleaned with Dutch glow.


What do I get?

2 Bottles of Dutch Glow for $10.00 plus $15.90 S&P. Official website DutchGlow.com


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  1. Can you use Dutch glow on wood floors?

    • I wouldn’t use it on a large surface like a floor; the Materials Safety Data Sheet says that mechanical ventilation is REQUIRED with a minimum air exchange rate of 15 minutes, so doing an entire room indoors in a normal house seems like a really bad idea.

      • Dutch Glow is not a product that I would ever use based on the manufacturers reticence not to provide the ingredients – the Material Safety Data Sheet tells a story that the manufacturer does not have a lot of information on the product but the claim is natural ingredients- arsenic is a natural ingredient.

        Do you know what the ingredients are? Does it contain nut oils – this is critical disclosure for people with nut allergies and can be fatal in extreme allergies. .

  2. Can Dutch glow get rid of scratched up surfaces?

    • What’s wrong with people? There is no “magic in a bottle” juice for removing a physical SCRATCH out of a wood surface. Use your head… Everyone wants something for nothing…or no work at all…

      • We are lazy, tired and broke. Sometimes all three. Maybe, just maybe, we are looking for that miracle product that really does what it says. Can’t blame a tired, broke and lazy woman for trying.

      • @joe: Products can hide scratches so that they aren’t noticeable. I’m sure that’s what she meant. @ Melissa and Sharon: If your wood is dark, try Old English in the dark formula. Old English original formula is good for medium-color woods.

  3. Can it be used on laminate flooring?

  4. I saw Dutch Glow ad on TV. What is the shipping cost for 2 bottles of the product to Dwight, Ontario, Canada It could be shipped my mail or courier. I would really like to try it.

    Karen Hager

  5. I sit safe for parrots to breath the fumes?

  6. Adrienne Jefferson | 30th November -0001 at 12:00 am | Reply

    Can you just purchase one Dtuch Glow bottle, and why is the s/h so much for a 12 oz. bottle

    • You will be able to purchase one bottle as soon as it hits the shelf. It will cost only $10 as you don’t have to pay for shipping. Best yet, if it does not work, you can return it (CVS) with no questions asked. I can’t imagine anything working that good on furniture or floors, but when it comes to market, I will try it. As with many of the “As Advertised on TV” products, if it doesn’t work, I will return it.

  7. How long has Dutch Glow been on the market and why no rewiews

  8. Why would you buy these…$10 for 2 PLUS $15.90 shipping? That’s no bargain ($13/bottle). Go to Bed Bath Beyond (for those that have it) with one of the many 20%coupons they offer and get ONE bottle for $8 . Then if you don’t like it, just bring it back!

  9. Where can I buy Dutch glow I live in Lancaster pa

    Thank you

  10. I did

  11. Just checked…bed, bath & beyond DOES NOT sell this!

  12. My parrot loves the taste and smell. In fact, he keeps asking me to bathe him in the stuff. But, my iguana hates it in his tea. What a question. For $15+ shipping and handling, my aardvark says it’s too expensive for her taste.

  13. Where can we obtain MSDS for this product?

  14. Love some of the comments! Seriously … the outrageous shipping costs now define these “As Seen on TV” ads across the board. So far I haven’t been able to find a single (positive) review that talks about this product or its results. My guesstimate is that it’s going to leave any wood surface dull if it strips off all of the waxy build up. I’d love to find a product that truly cleans my wood kitchen cabinets, however, I can’t risk one that’ll take off the original finish along with it. Any other products out there that some one has had success with lately? Thanks in advance.

    • I had great results w/Howard Restor-A-Finish, 16-Ounce on my Kitchen cabs. You can purchase on amazon.com for $7.87 + shpg. and 16oz is enough to clean your average size kitchen thoroughly. I have very high end cabinets and needed something to remove build up on them especially above the stove top from oily hands and cooking residue but not strip finish. It effectively removed the build up and cleaned all my cabinets. Though I do believe it probably removes a very very thin layer of the finish in order to clean and smooth the wood but after cleaning w/restore I followed up w/Howard Feed-N-Wax Wood Polish and Conditioner (also sold on Amazon $7.43 + s/h) and they look brand new. Its been 3 yrs and they still look great. Just occasional touch up on the specific areas above my stove (once a year). Also note that when purchasing the Resto-A-Finish you purchase the correct finish shade/color that match’s your cabinets ie: oak, cherry, walnut, mahogany and for white wash or antiqued wood use neutral, etc… This is a gentle cleaner and does not strip your finish but the color pigment in it is to fill any scratch’s or imperfections from wear that may be deeper than the surface as it cleans and you want it to match. Hope this helps…happy cleaning bring on spring : )

  15. Dearly regret ordering this product and I don’t even have it yet!! I ordered $20 worth of product and they tacked on $30 worth of SHIPPING COSTS! That is $50 for $20 worth of product. Not only that, but they have now been calling me endless times throughout the day to sell me on more things! There are about 50 such calls to my phone # this week. This is a scam and I would warn others about them.

  16. Valerie Molinaro | 30th November -0001 at 12:00 am | Reply

    What are the ingredients in this?I would also like to know if it is safe for parrots.

  17. No, you cannot feed furniture polish to your parrot.

    • Stop with the sarcasm.. Parrots can easily get sick and die from the fumes of different products.. perfumes, hair sprays, air freshners, cleaning products, etc…

      • They sell tiny masks for parrots to wear during any change in the odor of the air in your home due to cleaning or doing your hair..

  18. What do master cabinet makers think about this Dutch Guard wood-milk? want to do it like a pro” ask a pro. There are many regular people in home-depots that do this for a living ! I am still sure if you ask politely you’ll get more knowledge then you need..

  19. Dutch Glow is a scam. Avoid this product. Falsely advertised, and more expensive than advertised. Shipping is $16 for 2 bottle.

  20. First if all all prices and fees are listed before you check out,if you don’t like the prices amazon sells things with free shipping if you are a prime member, however I am sure non of you here complaining are members of that due to the yearly fee ( you are cheapstAkes ) , I know a lot of men like all of you complaining about something you never bought and tried, I’m also sure most of you either smoke,drink or gamble and blow more money there then in shipping I’m not sure how many of you have shipped anything lately because of your cheapness but shipping isn’t cheap, it’s life and the it is , so if no one has purchased and tried how can you even give a review? NO YOU CAN NOT BUY THIS AT BED ,BATH AND BEYOND WITH A COUPON MISS I KNOW EVERYTHING, BECAUSE THEY DO NOT CARRY IT!!!! Find out your facts before you start with your knowledge , I have pour he’d this and re bought , why? BECAUSE IT WORKS! I do not work for the company and know of no one that does. I clean houses for a living and recommend this to my clients to purchase this if they want me to clean THEIR woodwork , orange glow , solid gold are not good for wood, my son also works fora cabinet maker and all of THEIR cabinets go out with Dutch glow. So here is my recommendation , if you want to try it, buy it, if you have not used it shut up.

    • Denise, you sound like a company shill.

    • I just bought it at Bed Bath And Beyond for $9.99 and used a 20% off coupon

    • Wow…that was the most inappropriate and inaccurate review I’ve ever read…. Bought mine at Walmart the other day so I guess they do sell it? Also just tried it and it WILL be going back because all it did was leave a very dull film on my table…I don’t know what your using or perhaps smoking but this stuff is crap…

  21. You can also try Murphy’s wood soap sold at Home Depot in fact you can find great wood cleaning and restoring products there and no I do not work for or have any stock in Home Depot but I can tell you every product they sell and if it is worth buying from A to Z.

  22. Why are the questions not answered?

  23. Trustworthy Reviews eh? Bullsh1t what? Look around online and see the hundreds of negative reviews on this product. Tells me two things: one, it’s a scam, and two, your website is anything but trustworthy.

  24. I haven’t tried this product but I already can say I will never do business with them. My cabinets are older and we can’t afford to redo our kitchen right now. I saw the products advertised on television and since it seemed so convincing, I thought we should give it a try. Well the ordering process is nothing but a sham…they keep asking you over and over if you would like something else included for a super terrific price and even though you are trying of get the order done and over with the ‘carrot on the stick’ keeps going and yes the prices are great…. but they don’t tell you that they are screwing you with shipping costs until you hit the process my order button. You can’t review the final cost of the order with shipping before clicking of the button and that’s when you find out you’ve been had. You can’t choose to opt out of your order. When you finally call and get hold of someone they tell you the order has already been placed or send you on a wild goose chase to call someone else or e-mail them. I left several messages, both text and voicemail to cancel my order. When I finally got hold of someone they said I could mail it back for a full refund…that being of the product itself but not the shipping. My product total was $37.00 and my shipping was $53.00. You do the math….This is the worst company I have ever ordered from. Save lots of money and time and go to Home Depot where they have a much better product that will do as Amish Milk claims to do.

  25. Scam all the way. No ingredients listed. No manufacturer named. Contacts are direct advertising companies. No customer service. Have to buy two paying $17.90 in s/h which is non refundable. Order form has an arbitration agreement so you can’t sue. If this is a “trust worthy” review u r idiots

  26. This Dutch Glow product is available through Carol Wright Gifts with free shipping. If you wait long enough Cvs, Bed Bath & Beyond, Walmart, some gift mags will get these As Advertised Items in stock. Therefore if they don’t work, you can return them to their location and not pay the horrendous shipping costs(which is where they make their money back. Also, any As Advertised product that has been out for a little while you can find reviews on line. Always check before you buy.

  27. A rip off… check out Amazon reviews of this product to hear the truth. “Trustworthy reviews” must not be!

  28. I found that Dutch Glow Amish Wood Milk did wonders for my Ethan Allen furniture that I have had for years. It took off the old polish and left a great shine. Great product.

  29. We are one bottle…I forgot send 2 bottles. What is deal…

  30. I bought this product to help clean my dirty kitchen cabinets. I felt totally deceived. !) shipping for each bottle makes the cost outrageous. Then the product did not do a thing to cabinets. Waste of money

  31. Used it for the first time today on cheaper furniture instead of good antiques recommended by my husband. He was right; it’s horrible. It leaves smears and honestly, I threw it away. That’s after getting caught up in the “thought I ordered two bottle but ordered four”. I’m ticked off and I’ll bet a true Amish person would be horrified and never allow themselves to recommend a product like this. Thumbs down

  32. Can I use Amish Wood Milk on my cereal? Is it like almond milk? Will it harm my ants in my ant farm if they breathe it’s fumes? As to shipping costs, I think its reasonable if an actual ship brings it to my front door. I don’t live on the water but I’ll be waiting with excitement to see if that happens!

  33. CVS sells it. For Black Friday 2014 weekend they had buy one “as seen on tv” buy a product get one free. I bought the Amish Milk and a miracle kitchen knife for $10.00 total. I used it just now and it is no miracle. Not impressed. I have wood stand that has darkened stains just from being old. I sprayed and sprayed and rubbed and it’s coming up very very slow. Don’t want to use tons of the product just to get up one area. If I would have paid $10 for it I would take it back for refund. I didn’t even know if I wanted to invest $5 on it because of false advertising on so many products.

  34. YUK! – product does not work. I saw no difference in my cabinets which do not have handles so the edges where they are opened are soiled. I used the product ~ no difference. So now I’d like to have my money back, but I have to spend more money to send the product back to them. Lose, lose situation for me.
    You should have a rating of “0”, they don’t deserve a 1 star rating.

  35. This product does not work. I have been trying to get my money back and they keep staling. File a complaint with your Attorney General for speedy result. I did, and make them see you documentation.

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