EdenPure Elite

What is EdenPure Elite:

It is a Wi-Fi enabled infrared space heater and air purifier that is meant to offer you comfort while saving you costs.


EdenPure Elite is said to be one of a kind heater that makes the most out of patented copper and infrared heating elements and combines them with customized air purification ionizer. As a result you are supposed to get cleaner heat while you save utility costs as well, according to its claims. The comfort of your loved ones, especially in those cold winter months is of great importance to you. And EdenPure Elite heater promises to help you in that regard without having to face exorbitant utility bills.


EdenPure Elite claims to be an efficient heating solution

It has 1500 watts of power that can warm a sizeable amount of space rather quickly. In fact, it’s supposed to warm up around 1000 square feet area within hardly any time. And you know what it can do for the comfort of your loved ones during the winter months.


EdenPure Elite can improve the quality of your surrounding air

That’s another important feature of EdenPure Elite. As you activate the purification mode the UV light and TiO2 filter comes into play and starts projecting microscopic ions throughout the area. These ions then combine with the air pollutants and break them down into harmless compounds like water molecules. Thus the air quality in your surroundings is meant to improve dramatically.


EdenPure Elite also has an anti-microbial filter that is capable of purifying the air while it gets re-circulated in your surroundings.


EdenPure Elite has Wi-Fi capability

And that makes it so convenient for regular use at home. With a simple touch of a button from your Smartphone or a computer, you can remotely control your EdenPure Elite. There’s a Smartphone app that has been designed for this purpose and keeps matters firmly in your control, according to its claims.


EdenPure Elite is said to be safe for use

EdenPure brand comes with a record of safety, which is quite reassuring. And EdenPure Elite is supposed to take the game further by offering your home cleaner heat that is safe, efficient and also turns out to be a cost effective solution.

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