Emson Smoker

What is Emson Smoker

– It is a new age 2-in-1 Indoor Pressure cooker that has the features to turn into a Smoker in the kitchen.


Traditional Delicious Smoking

Emson Smoker is one of the most important inventions of new age and is said to be so rightfully because it presents an opportunity for users to smoke meat and fish right inside the kitchen. Smoking food has invariably been the best way to provide scrumptious juicy flavor to the food but is hampered by the time that is consumed for it to smoke which is very well the inspiration behind Emson Smoker. Also smoking isn’t mess free after all when it’s barbequed in the backyard or patio but Emson Smoker claims that it can get the same taste of such smoked food right inside the kitchen by using electricity. With smoking the food, Emson Smoker supposedly provides the possibility of cooking healthy meals as smoke gives only flavor and does not add up to the calories on the food.


Radical Innovation in Design

Emson Smoker claims to be the only one that has combined the technology of new age pressure cooking and traditional smoking into one making it a classic pressure smoking device. Smoked barbeque food can be made right in the kitchen since Emson Smoker is said to support cooking, searing and smoking all in one. It even provides an option for cold smoking feature for cheese and fish. This is achievable since Emson Smoker acts as a pressure cooker too whenever required and runs at a 1000 WATTS power. Using electricity does make it an indoor appliance but also is said to ensure the cooking is approximately 50% faster than any traditional methods.


Emson Smoker apparently can be used to cook all types of meat and simmer it with smoke from wood chips that start charring at the same time as the pressure is built inside Emson Smoker. It works perfectly well for sausages, ribs and also a whole chicken. With a capacity that is over 5 Qt. it claims to cook food of up to 6 lbs in one go.


What do I get?

Get the Emson Indoor Smoker for just $299.99 + Free S/h. Official website: TheIndoorSmoker.com

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